3 Steps to Build a Recruiting Business that Excites and Liberates You

How David built a team, grew his revenue, and started having fun again all in 12 months, WITHOUT working longer or harder! David is a phenomenal recruiter. But, before joining The RecruiterU, he didn’t realize how much he was holding himself...

The Recruiting Firm Owner’s 2023 State of the Union

As of the end of April 2023, it's business as usual, with some people drawing out the hiring process (5-10%). And having said that, a few of our client's offices had some of their best months ever in February and March and a strong April. One client was looking at a...

Are You Living In A World Of “shoulds” And “realistic”? Here’s How To Find Out What You Truly Want

This is from Joseph in Santa Monica. Mike, I have read some of your blog posts and heard some of your webinars. You talk about getting clear on desire and getting clear on what you want. My biggest question is, I am not sure what I know what I want. How do you...
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