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  • ​Monthly Interviews with Industry Thought Leaders and/or Other Successful Recruiting Firm Owners where they will pull back the curtain and share secret best practices on:
  • Where they hire great recruiters
  • ​How to maximize profits
  • ​Where to find the best clients and how to KEEP them
  • ​Legal issues on fees and recruiter retention
  • ​Motivational strategies for you and your team
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$682 of FREE, World-Class Recruiting Training for ONLY $57 $7


Video Training: How I Grew my Recruiting Desk from $319,750 to $2.1M

Learn the Secret Strategies, Tactics and Scripts I Used to Grow my Personal Production in Two Years… and how


Value $197


Building a 7 Figure Desk and Office — Jon Bartos – on MP3 Audio

How to maintain focus and motivation to perform at peak levels, and what he would do differently, that would increase billings, if he was starting all over again!

Value $97


Secrets to Managing a Virtual Team – Jordan Rayboy – MP3 Audio

How to build and manage a virtual team

How to maintain consistent revenue from your virtual contractors/employees.

Value $97


How to Get MORE Return Calls, More Client Follow – Thru with Professional Telesales Trainer Jim Domanski – MP3 Audio

One of the Biggest Mistakes Recruiters make on the phone every day that suppresses their return call rate.  How to Get Your Clients/Prospects to call you back… ALL THE TIME!

Value $97


How to Create a Million $$ Desk — Craig Millard – MP3 Audio

Craig Millard, with over $16,000,000 in career billings shares the strategies he used to build a practice that bills $1 million annually.

Value $97


How to Secure GREAT REPEAT Clients on GREAT Terms — Greg Doersching – MP3 Audio

The 5 Primary motivators needed for a candidate to make a change… and how to “dig” with the client to get them! How to use HR as an ally, and how to gain their trust to make you their BIGGEST FAN!

Value $97


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