Platinum Coaching

Welcome to The RecruiterU’s Platinum Coaching Program!

Congratulations also on making a GREAT investment in yourself and your business! The RecruiterU’s Platinum Program is designed for owners of recruiting firms who want to expand and systematize their businesses.

In addition, our Platinum Coaching & Mentoring Program is the ONLY program in the recruiting industry that combines training, coaching, mentoring, and a community of other owners facilitating group learning, brain storming and master minding along with the customization that comes from one to one interaction.

Mastermind = “The Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose… “No two minds can ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

From Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

How to maximize your return on investment in Platinum

Platinum contains MANY tools and avenues to accelerate your growth while providing systems you can layer into your business at your own pace. Below are all the ways you can get training, information and support for your business.




Our First Step. Gain real clarity on the search firm model that is best for you.

By now you should have been emailed an intake form. Please take time to complete this. We really recommend you take a few hours over 2-3 sittings to reflect on where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go in your business.

In addition to the intake form you should have been emailed a link to a recorded training on how to create a personal vision for yourself both personally and professionally. Without being clear what growth in your business will allow for you one tends to revert to their comfort zones when they have challenges. However, when one has a clear vision of their destination they tend to bust through barriers with pure raw determination.

Of all the steps I could argue this one is the MOST important. Please do not skip this step or do it just to get it done. My suggestion would be to go off site, away from your home and office to give yourself the gift of focus. By joining Platinum you have made a significant investment in yourself. So, step one, invest the time to get clear on what you are building and how it will serve you.


Game Plan Strategy Call

Once we receive your completed intake form and at least draft vision work you will have a strategy/game plan call with your performance coach. On this 60 minute call you will review your vision and co-engineer 12 month outcome goals, 90 day projects and strategies and a 30 day action plan.

You leave the call with your marching orders to get you started on the fulfillment of your goals with specific actions that begin moving you there.


Metrics Training/Mastery & RPM Set Up

During your Game Plan call, young your performance coach will define the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for your firm and your team. The good news is that this business can be completely forecastable once we dial in the key metrics.

We offer full training on metrics, a monthly metrics focused support call and the program includes up to 6 users on the RPM online dash board where you and your team will enter your KPI’s each week.


Monthly Platinum Group & Q/A Calls

Twice per month we come together as a group. All of the group calls are run and facilitated by Mike Gionta. On this first call we brain storm any issues that are gettin in your way, holding you back, etc. Some guidelines for the call:

a)     Show up prepared, don’t just show up! Reflect on what has gone on in your business over the past couple of weeks. What’s next? What might be holding you back simply because you are not clear on the “how”?

b)     Look at your 30-60-90 day plan. What is getting done? What isn’t? What didn’t go quite as planned? Bring this to the call.

c)     What has come up in your office? What has come up with your clients?

These are all areas ripe with great questions. In addition to getting your questions answered, others will be asking question you have not even thought of yet the answers to which will save you a lot of wasted time and money in trial and error.


Monthly Platinum Accountability Calls

About two weeks after the monthly Q & A call we have our monthly game plan and accountability call. Some guidelines for this call:

a)     You will be emailed a monthly planning template. On this sheet you outline what you accomplished the previous 30 days, where you both hit and missed targets.

b)     Each month you define what your NEXT 30 day objectives are. I coach you to focus only on impacting 3 projects in any given month.


Platinum Member Site

Our Platinum Group member site contains the following resources:

a)     All the Q&A calls are archived and available to listen to or download to MP3.

b)     All the Monthly Planning & Accountability calls are archived and available to listen to or download to MP3.

c)     A full 50+ Module training for business development strategies including templates you can use in your business and with your recruiters. All modules are downloadable in MP3 format and most have templates you can incorporate as part of your business systems!

  1. How to Hire Researchers
  2. How to Take an Eloquent Consultative Search
  3. 3 Strategies for Marketing without Cold Calling
  4. How to set Desk Level Plans with Metrics
  5. Time Management
  6. Daily Weekly Planning
  7. Proper Prepping, Debrief and Closing Calls that saves Deals!
  8. 2 Modules on Becoming a Trusted Advisor to Your Clients and How to Sell Retained and/or Engaged Fees
  9. How a Permanent Placement Business can Easily Add $250k in Profit by Adding Contract Revenue
  10. Using Reference Checks as a Strategic Business Development Tool

c)     Training Modules on How to Systematize Your Recruiting Firm. All modules are downloadable in MP3 format and most have templates you can incorporate as part of your business systems! Don’t attempt to do these all at once. Pick one or two per month where you need the most help.

  1. Business Strategy Planning
  2. How to Hire Effective Recruiters
  3. Different Roles Recruiters can Play and Career Paths
  4. How to Build Highly Effective Teams (and transition Strategies)
  5. Goal Setting & Accountability Structures for Recruiters (and how to keep them on track)
  6. Succession Planning
  7. Time Management for Busy Owners
  8. How to Avoid Counteroffers, Fall Offs, and Turndowns by Effective Use of the “Closing Coach”
  9. Effective Business Analysis… What’s Working, What’s NOT and How to Learn from Those Events


3 Closed Door Mastermind Meetings Per Year

In these offsite meetings we meet as a group to Reflect on your business and Brain Storm your go forward strategies again reinforcing what needs to happen for you to hit both your business and personal objectives.

What’s a mastermind meeting? Other than one of Napoleon Hill’s KEY success principles it is:

  • The opportunity to present your challenges, strategies, business growth ideas, etc. to a peer group of forward thinking recruiting firm owners and have them share their ideas to help you grow your business.
  • The opportunity to “pull back the curtain” and get new, leading edge strategies for your business that are working in other offices right now!
  • Make new alliances that will survive the meeting to potentially partner on split business.
  • A tremendous opportunity to take 2 days out of your firm and REALLY work ON your business, vs IN your business.
  • The opportunity for a few hand-selected energetic recruiting firm owners “brainstorming” your business challenges and growth strategies and you theirs.

It is often said that the teacher learns more than the students. I have found this true in my own participation in these meetings. I always get more insight into my own business by brainstorming the challenges of other businesses!


Private Facebook Group & Forum

All of our clients are members of our Private Facebook Group. This is an opportunity to ask me, your performance coach and the entire client group for advice. This is an active group where you can seek ideas and opinions tapping into literally hundreds of years of recruiting experience. Go here for almost instant answers to your questions. Also, give back! Read others questions and offer your opinions. Any entry remains private to the group and does not end up in your public news feed.


Nine 30-Minute One-to-One Coaching Calls Per Year

One of the biggest challenges most recruiting firm owners face is a lack of focus and clarity. These calls will be scheduled weeks in advance. On this call with your individual performance coach you will have a custom game plan call to review your previous month, what worked, as well as what did not.

In addition, you will plan forward the next month and will be coached to the best resources to accomplish your objectives.


Twelve 15-Minute One-to-One Laser Coaching Calls Per Year

From time-to-time some issues will require you and your performance coach to roll your sleeves up together to tackle an issue individually. These calls should be used when a call is very personal, you can’t wait for the next group call and/or it can’t be addressed on Facebook.

Simply send your designated performance coach an email with a detailed description of the issue/challenge you are dealing with so they can best prepare for the call. The call will be scheduled within 72 hours (usually sooner) of the request unless your coach is away on vacation or speaking at a conference.


Monthly Membership to The RecruiterU’s Inner Circle Coaching Club

Monthly Interviews on CD & Downloadable MP3 with Industry Thought Leaders and/or Other Successful Recruiting Firm Owners where they will pull back the curtain and share secret best practices on:

  1. Where they hire great recruiters
  2. How to maximize profits
  3. Where to find the best clients and how to KEEP them!
  4. Legal issues on fees and recruiter retention
  5. Motivation strategies for your team and for YOU!


Bootcamps & Events

Each year I usually run 1 or 2 “Boot Camps” on How to Hire Recruiters, Business Planning, etc. As a Platinum member you can attend these at no cost other than your travel and hotel.

Meet the Coaches

Mike Gionta

Mike Gionta is one of the most recognized names in the Recruiting Industry Today. From almost going out of business in 1991 Mike, after numerous “learning experiences” built his personal billings consistently over $1,000,000 per year with his best year in personal billings of $2,143,000.00.

Mike has coached Solo/Independent Recruiters since 2007 to use the techniques and strategies he used for themselves to multiply their earnings without working longer harder hours

His training & coaching on becoming a “trusted adviser” as well as getting retainers has revolutionized the way his clients conduct their business

Mike has authored a book “How To Double Your Placements in 121 Days or Less” and is published frequently in leading Recruiting Industry Trade Journals the Fordyce Letter and EmInfo. In addition, Mike is often a Key Note speaker at National and State Conferences.

Dion Bowden

Dion Bowden founded SearchRSA in South Africa in 2001. He grew his firm to 21 employees at it’s peak. Dion is Mike’s longest running existing client relationship dating back to spring 2009.

Using the techniques, strategies and tactics he learned from Mike he developed a multi-million $$ office over the years. Mike describes him as “mini-me” as Dion implemented almost exactly as Mike taught him in their work together. Many of Mike’s clients actively sought out Dion for help between mastermind meetings. He is an expert at new client development, metrics, hiring recruiters and coaching performance. Most like him more than Mike!

Installing Mike’s systems successfully allowed him to invest in a payroll services company as his search firm now runs successfully without him there full time!

Kathleen Kurke

Kathleen Kurke is well known for her 30 year history of high dollar production and growth-oriented leadership. Kathleen works with individuals and organizations as a speaker, trainer, coach and business consultant, but with a singular focus: increasing performance, production and profitability.

Kathleen has remained a leader in the executive search industry for the last 20 years of her recruiting career, and was selected in 1995 for membership in the Pinnacle Society, a recruiting industry honor society recognizing 75 of the top executive recruiters in North America. Kathleen was honored to serve as President of this prestigious organization for 4 consecutive years.

Kathleen’s core expertise is in helping others learn and get things done. Working with others as coach and consultant, she is known for helping her clients build dreams, make plans and execute to create results. Often that means laying out a roadmap, identifying roadblocks and building a detour so the journey is productive.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results. It doesn’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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