Techniques for Engaging Candidates that Really Work

QUESTION: My question is about engaging candidates, motivating them to actually get on the phone and have a conversation. In 2020 I was working retained and having a similarly difficult time. I thought people were just too distracted with COVID, setting up new...

Recruiting Firm Succession Planning Considerations

QUESTION: What are some factors now that I need to take into consideration in how to do succession planning? - Gary ANSWER: If you want to sell your business, and I will just include succession planning since that is one of the options, you need to be...

How to Convince Your Client to Work with You Exclusively

QUESTION: How do you shift a client to want to engage with you exclusively in a more volume-driven market? I work in construction and engineering and want to do exclusive work. I do not want to lose work, but I also do not want to be competing with everyone else...
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Post-COVID Recruiting Mindset

QUESTION: Mike, what new recruitment mindset strategy would you recommend now that the COVID pandemic is almost over? - JC ANSWER: From a mindset standpoint, during the early months of COVID - I am going from memory and metrics from our clients - there...

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