Strategic Business Development: Prioritizing Impactful Presentations

QUESTION: When you are marketing and leaving a lot of messages, how do you get three hours of phone time? Also, what are a good number of presentations to make a day? Okay. I do not care about phone time. I have not, for 20-something years. Full disclosure. I have not...

How to Handle Clients Who Refuse to Pay for Recruiting Services: Expert Advice

How do you deal with a client who does not want to pay on anyone in their database? -Susan in Denver A big common problem, sometimes going back to 20-something years ago with the Monster board. It is a delicate conversation. I would be coaching you on how did you...

Land Qualified Referrals in 3 Simple Steps

The advent of internet research has made recruiters lazy in asking for referrals. When I was on a desk, back in the old days, we did not have access to a human being that could put together the personal email address, cell phone number, name, and title of clients and...
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