Beat the Cold Call Blues: Proven Tips for Recruiting Success

This question is from a newer recruiter. I am going to start doing cold calls this week, first time ever, and I am not sure what to say or how to say it. Would you mind sharing some tips, tricks, or even an opening pitch that has yielded success with your cold...

How to Implement Performance-Based Pay in Recruiting

"Part of my question comes from our discussion in Charlotte about moving someone from research to doing more outreach. Part of the hesitation was that she could expect more pay, which would tie into performance-based pay. - Trevor Trevor, you do not appear like a...

How to Re-engage Former Clients and Win New Ones in Recruitment

Question: I do a lot of MPC business development calls. I am struggling with what to say to (1) a former client I have not talked with in a while and really don't have a strong MPC and (2) what to say with no MPC to a brand-new client. -Sharon The Power of Email in...
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Struggling, Stuck in Neutral, or Starting Over?

I remember when I was struggling in the early 1990s, and I patched together a few bucks, and I drove to Cleveland for a workshop with managing recruiters. I remember I drove because I could not afford the flight. I was really struggling.  While I did forget the names...

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