Focus on Marketing Outcomes, Not Hours Spent

QUESTION: How many hours a week or day do you suggest a full desk recruiter should spend on marketing calls – someone that is very experienced and also for someone that is starting to market after only working on the candidate side? – Penny, Omaha, NE ANSWER: How many hours a week do you suggest […]

Best Practices for Organizing a New Search

QUESTION: What do you do after getting a search? How do you organize it? My process right now is sending out the roles to our team of independent recruiters, checking submittals from similar searches, and then writing to LinkedIn/Monster. If I do not find anything for a few days, then I involve my offshore researcher […]

Tactic for Moving From HR to the Hiring Manager

QUESTION: What is the best way to handle a contingency search where my contact is not the hiring manager, but the head of recruiting? Would I do the job intake with them, or should I insist on speaking with a hiring manager? So far, I am getting this about 50% of the time with my […]

Marketing Coordinator Compensation Plans

QUESTION: Hi Mike, I heard you talk about using a marketing coordinator to get job order leads for a senior team member. In this case, it would be me as the owner of the company. How do you compensate them? If they find an opening that turns into a client, do they get residual income […]

Getting Across the Finish Line When Selling Retained Search

QUESTION: When selling retained search, do you have a strategy for when the client is sold on the retainer but is resistant to committing to money upfront?  – Anonymous   ANSWER: This situation happens quite a bit, regardless if this is your first retainer or you work a fully retained desk.   Many people think […]

Three Steps to Diversifying Your Recruiting Practice

QUESTION: We have been in a great economy for the last 10 years and my desk was doing fantastic. Now I want to diversify into other areas in my recruiting company. What is the best place to get started? What is a quick process to give me some ideas on starting that process?  – Lewis, […]

When to Offer a Discount on Search Fees

QUESTION: Mike, I have just executed a retained search for a new client for a search for them. They are still interviewing my shortlist, but I just informed me that they may want to hire two of my candidates. There is a potential of two placements from the same search. I have not been asked […]

Breaking Through a Plateau in Your Revenue

QUESTION: I am stuck between $100,000 and $250,000 on billings per year, and I am working about 60 hours a week. What do people who bill $350,000 or $400,000 a year consistently do differently?  – Alan    ANSWER: I do not know what you are doing, but I do know some of the traits of […]

How to Hold Your Recruiters Accountable to Metrics

QUESTION: Mike, I have taken your advice and have hired recruiters. My weakness is holding them accountable. I know you have talked about 15 presentations a day as a minimum standard. Help me again with what happens if they do not hit their targets. – Nicole, Chicago  ANSWER: Now more than ever it is important […]

Ways to Maximize Your Day, Especially If You Are an Early Riser

QUESTION: I am an early morning person on the East Coast in the U.S. and I am just restarting on my national desk. Are there any ways to take advantage of the time zone difference other than making calls a little later? Ways to take advantage of voicemail or set me apart as memorable?  – […]

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