Why Happiness Comes Before Success

QUESTION: What has been one of the most influential books you have read? ANSWER: There is a phenomenal book called The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor; I read this book in 2012 and it was, honestly, life-changing. It was such an impactful book because it completely changed my perspective. I love this book so much […]

Strategies for Dealing with Candidate’s Fear to Make a Change

QUESTION:  Mike, how do you deal with candidates when they reply to my emails with, “I am always open to new opportunities; however, I am not ready to take on a new job right now in a COVID-19 environment.” – Cindy, Chicago, IL ANSWER: We have been measuring metrics, since the beginning of March 2020. […]

Staying Motivated Through Chaos

QUESTION:  What is your motivation to continue going forward in a positive way in the time of 24/7 news cycles concerning the virus, political unrest, and the election results? – Alan, TX ANSWER: I love this question. Some of you may have been on a free webinar I did in April that addressed this exact […]

How and When to Use a Capped Fee for a Search

QUESTION: Do you cap fees for higher salary positions at the $150,000 or $200,000+ level? ANSWER: The simple answer is: No. Let me share an example of this type of situation, the client said they would pay $150,000 to $200,000 in a salary, we find somebody, and then the process gets competitive at the end, and they […]

What to Say When a Client Wants to Renegotiate a Fee Agreement

QUESTION: Would you negotiate fees after a contract was signed, and now the client wants to hire three high-priced individuals? It is a $17 million company, and it would be an investment. – Karen  ANSWER: I rarely negotiated a contract after the fact because when you negotiate after the fact, the client will expect you to always negotiate […]

Time to Start Planning for 2021

QUESTION: Mike, I am beginning to think about my 2021 business plan. As a solo operator, what are the key constructs I should have as part of an annual plan? – Mary, San Jose, CA  ANSWER: The thoughts I will share apply to solo recruiters and firm owners creating annual plans with their recruiters. When I did my […]

Successfully Navigating a Confidential Search

QUESTION: I have a confidential replacement retainer issue. I have a new client looking for a controller and determined during that search; they want to hire us for a confidential replacement to the VP of Finance. This is a small company with less than 100 employees, so the CEO is nervous about me invoicing the VP […]

How to Create an Effective Daily and Weekly Plan for your Recruiting Practice

QUESTION: Mike, I was taught 20 years ago to plan in the afternoon and set myself up for a strong day and strong week, and I just find myself too distracted and tired out at the end of the day. Any planning tips you can give me that can help me through this? – Alex, Dallas, TX […]

How to Re-Engage with a Client

QUESTION: I have a client where I have access to the hiring managers, but also have to engage HR. However, there is tension with the HR person and so I have backed away from this firm, at least for now. Any advice on re-engaging with this company? – Yale   ANSWER: I do not know […]

Ideal Submittal to Interview Ratio Revealed

QUESTION: One of the things you have talked about regarding metrics is the importance of submittals and the submittal to first-time interview ratio. Can you more clearly define submittal, what the best ratio is, and why in that category?  – Eric ANSWER: I am always happy to discuss metrics as I firmly believe that an […]

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