How to Determine if Your Business Lacks Vision

  One of the first challenges recruiting firm owners and recruiters bring to me as a coach is "Mike, I need help planning" or (read a 'whining' sound into this) "I don't plan well or at all!" Well, I have good news and bad news!  This blog won't be the 157th article...

How to Simplify Your Annual Plan to One Critical Number

Most recruiters and recruiting firm owners have spent more time planning their family vacation than doing their annual business plan.  Frankly, many of them will also admit in small private conversations that they aren’t thrilled with their current situation either. ...

December is a GREAT Month for Business in Recruiting!

I hear the same thing every year around this time. "Mike, it's the holidays, NO ONE is hiring/leaving/giving new job orders this time of year."  HORSE HOCKEY! Let me let you in on a little secret... It's not your client base that is slowing down; it is probably YOU...
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