Successfully Navigating a Confidential Search

QUESTION: I have a confidential replacement retainer issue. I have a new client looking for a controller and determined during that search; they want to hire us for a confidential replacement to the VP of Finance. This is a small company with less than 100 employees, so the CEO is nervous about me invoicing the VP […]

How to Create an Effective Daily and Weekly Plan for your Recruiting Practice

QUESTION: Mike, I was taught 20 years ago to plan in the afternoon and set myself up for a strong day and strong week, and I just find myself too distracted and tired out at the end of the day. Any planning tips you can give me that can help me through this? – Alex, Dallas, TX […]

How to Re-Engage with a Client

QUESTION: I have a client where I have access to the hiring managers, but also have to engage HR. However, there is tension with the HR person and so I have backed away from this firm, at least for now. Any advice on re-engaging with this company? – Yale   ANSWER: I do not know […]

Ideal Submittal to Interview Ratio Revealed

QUESTION: One of the things you have talked about regarding metrics is the importance of submittals and the submittal to first-time interview ratio. Can you more clearly define submittal, what the best ratio is, and why in that category?  – Eric ANSWER: I am always happy to discuss metrics as I firmly believe that an […]

How to Get New Clients in Today’s Economy

QUESTION: Getting new clients is a challenge for me, but it never used to be. Could it be because there are too many recruiters?  – Debbie  ANSWER: I started in 1989. There were lousy clients in every decade I have been in this business. Therefore, I do not think getting good clients is impossible, but […]

Preparing For and Working Through Economic Slowdowns

QUESTION: What are the specific things you suggest we do on our desk and in our business to prepare or work through any type of economic slowdown? Nothing related to having a nest egg or a line of credit. I am seeking the best business ideas to implement now to position a solo recruiter for […]

The Value of E&O Insurance for Recruiters

QUESTION: I want to purchase E&O insurance.  What are your thoughts about recruiters having this insurance?  Do you have any recommendations on who to purchase it from?  – Craig, Dallas, TX ANSWER: Great question, the need for Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance is common amongst new and tenured recruiting firm owners. I see so many […]

Recruitment Website Best Practices

QUESTION: Mike, what are your thoughts on recruiting websites? Do I really even need a website? ANSWER: Great question! The short answer to your question is YES! The reality is your website is your digital business card. It is what gives your recruiting practice credibility and elevates your status as a trusted advisor. It is […]

What to Look for in a New Recruiting Desk

QUESTION: What are the characteristics you look for when investigating and evaluating a new recruiting desk? – Michael  ANSWER: That is a really good question. Most people would want to go to an industry that is new, hot, and sexy. Let me defend why. The hottest industries attract every new recruiter.  Because if you are […]

How to Train a New Recruiter in a Nutshell

QUESTION: There are four pieces to my business: Executive search, finance sales, marketing, and ops, recruiting in the same areas for middle on either temp to hire or direct, staffing for manufacturing, call centers, and biotech, and leadership development and coaching as it ties to our executive searches. Our focus is our geographic in nature. […]

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