How to Keep Clients from Going Dark

QUESTION: I have used your process from other posts on how to take a search. However, I am still having a little bit of a problem in getting clients. Once I take them through the whole process, I get their verbal commitment on the fee. They want to hire me on an...

How to Handle Clients Who Play the Contract Game

QUESTION: What should you do when a client wants to hire a candidate after the terms of your agreement lapse? The Background Steven has got a client. They make a couple of placements a year and do not have many hiring requirements. Three years ago, Steven sent in a...

How to Get Prospective Candidates to Return Your Calls

QUESTION: Using an MPC (most placeable candidate) for marketing and business development calls still tends to generate better dialog and certainly return voicemails. The challenge sometimes is you do not feel like you have a strong enough MPC. So, my question is, how...
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