Outsourcing Initial Recruiting Conversations

QUESTION: I would love to have someone making initial recruit calls for me.  I am not looking for someone to close deals but make the dials and bring potential candidates to the point of agreement of hearing more.  I can take it from there.  Do you feel like I could find this type of person […]

Daily Plans for Million Dollar Recruiters

QUESTION: What is your best recommendation for planning your day? I am a $625,000 biller and mostly work contingency searches. Could you please share specific techniques, start of the day to the end, “do’s and don’ts”, and the best time for client development. Also, would it be helpful if I also worked on a Saturday […]

Email Campaigns to Get New Clients

QUESTION: What is the best marketing email you can help me with to generate interest to have a potential new client move forward? – Debbie, West Palm Beach, FL  ANSWER: Nothing you are going to say in an email about your wonderful capability, the six gold medals you won at the recruiting Olympics are really […]

What to Do When Your Client Wants Your Help When an Another Recruiting Firm Fails

QUESTION: I have a client where we have an existing agreement in place but are currently not working on any searches. I heard through the grapevine they were looking for a new president, and I had a candidate. They are using a large retained search company for the search but have not found anyone. I […]

Are You Pivoting or Pouting?

If you told me in January that we would be navigating a huge shift in the world economy, I would have thought you were insane! In the past eight weeks, we have seen dramatic changes in every aspect of our lives.  Many of you are drowning in thoughts like “ALL my positions are being canceled”, or “no one […]

Strategies for Getting Candidate Cell Numbers

QUESTION: Once I have a solid phone number, I have no problem communicating and developing relationships. My issue is locating cell numbers. Most candidates I have found will respond to text or answer their cells. They no longer seem willing to answer their office phones, return messages, or respond to emails. I work in the […]

How to Stand Out in a Candidate’s Voicemail

QUESTION: What does your voicemail sound like if you are calling someone who has put their resume on a job board?  – Trish ANSWER: If I tell them, I saw your resume on a LinkedIn, Indeed, whatever, so have ten thousand other recruiters.    When we used our same recruiting presentation, “I have no idea, […]

What to Do When You Procrastinate Marketing

QUESTION: Mike, I have followed you for years and love your marketing techniques.  They have worked and got me some great assignments that I have filled. That being said, I procrastinate marketing even when I know it works.  Can you help me with that? – Alex, Chicago ANSWER: You are not alone. Marketing is probably […]

Productivity Tips for Recruiters

QUESTION: Mike, is there a certain structure to a salesperson’s day that is the most productive, knowing there are no recruiting calls with candidates? What about a recruiter’s desk that has no business development, could you give me a rundown of ways to stay on track? – Trish, Atlanta, GA  ANSWER: Recruiter productivity is one […]

How to Avoid Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Dear Fellow Recruiter and Faithful Reader, Many of you are drowning in thoughts like “ALL my positions are being canceled”, or “no one is hiring right now”, etc. What a difference a month makes! The problem with that is in this mode of ‘fear’ it is not likely you are taking productive action.  If you’ve stayed in “fear” mode […]

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