Script for Raising Fees

QUESTION: I would like some information on raising my fees.  I am physician recruiter, and it seems that $25K is the going rate.  However, with physicians making at least $200K at a 30% fee that would be $60K. Also, any tips on email subject lines or let me know if you have any type of […]

Using Facebook to Recruit Candidates

QUESTION: Recently I heard a recruiter that is using Facebook to make placements and finding candidates.  I used to use Facebook years back.  However, now I am concerned about privacy issues if I use Facebook to find candidates.  Do you recommend creating a new profile for the business, but then lose your built network or […]

Successfully Managing a Candidate During the Resignation Period

QUESTION: How do you best manage the period of time between resignation and the start date?  – Peter, Portsmouth, New Hampshire ANSWER: Any resignation period is scary, especially in the market we are in right now where people are so aggressive in their counteroffers.  We have a very specific process on what one needs to […]

How to Plan for Maximum Productivity

QUESTION: What is the best way to plan for you day or your week?  I tend to get sidetracked all week long by a number of things.  I’ll be honest (please do not use my last name), I tend to lose focus and I am rarely, if ever, well planned.  – Paul, Georgia ANSWER: Okay.  […]

The Best Assessments to Use With Your Recruiters

QUESTION: In regards to assessments, I have used several in hiring recruiters.  I have used Wonderlic and it is horrendous.  I know that the assessment is not the hire or do not hire tool, but an evaluation of skills and capabilities as well as training and development identifiers.  I have heard you talk about two […]

It’s One of 2 Things…

Your recruiting firm is set up in one of two ways…by design or by default. In video below, I give you both definitions and some ideas on how to grow by design.   Click on the the picture to discover if your recruiting business is by design or DEFAULT…and for some help on how to […]

The Right Way to Reach Out to Directors

QUESTION: Hi Mike, I am thinking about incorporating input from a director of sales, chief marketing officer on taking search details from new clients.  Here is the language I want to use. Mr. Hiring Manager, The people I will be reaching out to make judgments on the quality of the opportunities based on the depth […]

How to Begin a Content Marketing Program – Part 2

Last week Mike shared the basics on how to begin a content marketing program. This week we continue with step-by-step instructions on how to implement the program. QUESTION: I want to start on content marketing.  I am keen to use new ways to establish myself as an expert in my field of recruitment.  I am […]

How to Begin a Content Marketing Program Part 1

QUESTION: I want to start on content marketing.  I am keen to use new ways to establish myself as an expert in my field of recruitment.  I am not sure how to get started.  Can you give me a bit of a roadmap, steps 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. in regards to how to get […]

Should You Discount Multiple Exclusives?

QUESTION: If you were in multiple exclusive openings with a current client and they want a discount, how should you respond without losing your exclusives? – Steven ANSWER: Great question.  There are two kinds of scenarios.  One scenario is they are giving your ten openings for one type of position.  For example, you get ten […]