Training New Recruiters to Effectively Take New Search Assignment

QUESTION: I have been developing our recruiters and not been getting the my desired result. They are not motivated, and except in isolated instances, the team is not getting the quantifiable information that you would have on a search assignment form. Is it me in the delivery of our training, or is some people just […]

Is Cold Calling Dead?

QUESTION: I am curious what people are doing. Is cold calling dead? I am old school. This is the way I have earned my business for years, but it seems almost impossible to get through to people these days.  – Pam, Montgomery, AL ANSWER: This is one of the topics that we cover in-depth at […]

How to Respond to Negative Responses to MPC Emails

QUESTION: How would you respond to the response received to my MPC marketing emails? Here is an actual response: Dear Vick, Thanks but no need at this moment in time. ANSWER: Happy to share an effective response. First, I would like to remind you that I do not count MPC marketing emails as a marketing […]

Benefits of Outsourcing Research to an Offshore Vendor

QUESTION: I spend a great deal of time sourcing my candidates. If I can relieve the burden at a reasonable price, this makes sense to me. I have heard you talk about having sourcing done by off shore vendors in India or the Philippines. Do you have any that you would recommend and to give […]

Is an ATS Absolutely Necessary?

QUESTION: Do you think it is an absolute requirement to have an applicant tracking program (ATS)? Currently I put my resumes in a Word file that is searchable through a program I have called Copernic. ANSWER: My original ATS was a card file, a 3 x 5 for candidates and 5 x 8 by companies. […]

Salary vs. Draw Pay Structure for Recruiters

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on draw versus salary plus commission for recruiters. It is very hard for me to justify paying a commission after someone has blanked for two months. If the person was on a draw, I know the money would be going back into the company.   – Chris, Florida ANSWER: What […]

How to Decide if You Should Go Off on Your Own

QUESTION: I am thinking about and considering going off on my own, and I have started feeling like the firm I am working with does not offer me enough in return for the 50% I give up on deals. For example, I pay for my own database, healthcare, and LinkedIn. I do get some client […]

Outsourcing Daily Call Lists

QUESTION: Hey Mike.  I am a new recruiter and I am looking to start outsourcing my daily call list generation on Upwork.  Having already paid a substantial amount for an annual Zoom info account, what are your recommendations on how to maximize the results and increase the efficiency without potentially compromising personal and financial information.  […]

What to Do When a Candidate Wants to be Recruited Out from a Client

QUESTION: My question involves recruiting ethics and how to balance full disclosure to your client with full confidentiality to your candidate. Forced to choose between the two, where should your first obligation reside? Now, here are a couple specifics. I placed a candidate with a client about 20 months ago. The candidate recently reached out […]

How to Manage Your Time for Marketing

QUESTION: Hey Mike. I am working to implement several concepts presented during the 2017 Recruiting Firm Owner Summit. One is the business development process that Greg Doersching outlined. I am trying to reach a balance in time invested in my daily and weekly activities. What do you recommend as the percentage of time of business […]

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