How to Help New Hiring Managers Shine in the Hiring Process

QUESTION: I am sophomore self- taught solo recruiter. I have a key account that I recently got 2 new assignments and need to retrain a bit in terms of candidate debriefs, realistic expectations, etc. On top of that, a candidate I placed there in 2017 got promoted and now is the hiring manager that I […]

Strategies for Getting on a Preferred Supplier List

QUESTION: My question is in regards to preferred supplier lists, what would your strategy be for potential clients with a preferred supplier list (PSL)? Would you pursue them or just file them away? If so, what ways would you go about it? – Nathan ANSWER: I am not even going to be vague with you […]

Best Way to Present Your Recruiting Business When Marketing

QUESTION: Should I present myself as a solo recruiter or as a company with my company name with marketing and/or sourcing candidates?  – Gary  ANSWER: That is a great question. When I had my firm, I was always the Managing Director. The name of my firm was never Gionta & Associates. I bought an MRI […]

Quick Overview of Recruiter Compensation Structures

QUESTION: Would you discuss your experience and knowledge on hiring recruiters on a base salary plus bonus plus the bonus incentive is progressive, if there is a commission plan incentive at some predetermined objective goal that would move them to straight commission. – Jim, Houston, TX  ANSWER: Commission structure is a hot topic for anyone […]

Planning Your Daily Calls – When to Recruit Versus When to Market

QUESTION: I am a solo recruiter, and I am having some challenges when trying to plan out my day’s activities. I try to focus on the activities that are closest to the money first thing in the morning, so I have tried to split up my day doing some recruiting calls in the morning and […]

How to Transition Your Recruiting Practice from Contingency to Retained

QUESTION: I am currently working as a contract recruiting consultant on an hourly basis, but am looking to transition back to working in semi-contingency. I work on assignments with engagement fees or retained versus straight contingency. What are the best ways to identify and market to those types of companies and what are the best […]

How to Scale Your Firm Quickly with New Recruiters

QUESTION: I need some advice. I have a lot of assignments on my plate, too many to handle by myself and on a very tight deadline. They are all fully retained. However, they are all from the same client. I also do not have a great marketing process in place yet, so I do not […]

What to Do When the Hiring Manager Wants More than Possible in a New Salesperson

QUESTION: I have an instance where a new client company would like to hire a salesperson but only on a contract 1099 basis with a small base and a high commission rate and maybe transition to employee status if they sell well. The reason the CEO gives appears to be around lowering the hiring risk […]

How to Recruit in Big 4 Accounting Firms

QUESTION: Mike, I have been sending out MPC emails to partners and CEOs of several Big 4 accounting firms. I just received a reply back from one of the firms, not from the partner, but an internal recruiter who responded with the following:   Hi Gerard,  Thanks so much for getting in touch. My name […]

How to Determine Compensation for Referrals

QUESTION: I am meeting with a business coach tomorrow that is interested in sending referrals in exchange for a percentage of the placements that I make from his customers. I have never done this before. What is the typical percentage to pay someone that can give me leads? – Kristen ANSWER: The percentage really is […]

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