Is There an Industry Standard for Recruitment Fee?

QUESTION: I have two questions. First, we are also looking to expand, but our geographic market feels small.  In your opinion, how many clients or market opportunities is a good ratio? Second, My recruiters claim that 20% is the very top of what our clients are willing to pay on salary ranges from $70,000 to […]

How to Perform a Great Diagnostic to “Sell” More Retained Searches

QUESTION: Mike, I have been trying to get into a retained search with my existing clients who I have had a lot of success with for the past 3 years.  One of the things they are looking for is a team of recruiters, but I am only a solo recruiter as they all know.  Any […]

How and When to Follow Up on Marketing Emails

QUESTION: After sending out bulk marketing email, what is the suggested timeframe for a first followup call and what simple verbiage would you use? – Lance ANSWER: So I am assuming you are saying you sent out one, let us say on Monday, for those you did not hear back from, my second attempt would […]

MPC Email Marketing Best Practices

QUESTION: You make around 50 marketing calls with an MPC presentation in mind, I would be lucky if I speak with 5 people.  I do not leave a message or leave contact detail with the PAs because I am worried that I would not know who they are if and when they call me back.  […]

How to Find Candidates in Short Supply Markets

QUESTION: The biggest challenge we face with our company is finding doctors as candidates.  I run a medical recruitment business, and we are in the very low candidate short market.  We have lots of clients paying us good fees to find doctors, however, this is getting more and more difficult as time goes on.  Do […]

Can Speaking with an Accent Impact Your Business?

QUESTION:  I am not an English native speaker and I always wonder if my accent might be something that could make me sound less professional, hence less prone to be considered when I talk to a potential client, hiring managers, or human resources.  Your opinion would be highly appreciated. – Giselle ANSWER: Actually I have […]

Should You Widen or Narrow Focus Within a Niche?

QUESTION: I work in the fashion and sportswear industry.  I have been concentrating mainly on the wholesale side of the business vertically.  I am thinking of rebranding.  Should I go wide or retail, wholesale, e-commerce, or narrow focusing mainly on e-commerce which is growing in the UK and Europe. – Vic, UK ANSWER: This is […]

How to Get Great Job Orders

Question: Mike, I cannot seem to get great job orders.  I am working on a lot of 20% placement fees and a lot with Human Resources.  – Jerry Answer: With really good clients HR is going to be integral.  But on the fee side, generally my experience with recruiters in an economy like we are […]

How to Maintain Momentum

Question: What is your best advice for keeping momentum going?  – Lisa, New York Answer: Nothing like a nice tight, specific question.  Without knowing your specific situation, I will give you a couple scenarios. Here is where I see momentum break down. You are saying keep momentum going, so I am assuming there was momentum […]

How to Follow Up with Your Content Marketing Audience

Question: I just completed a 3-part blog series emailed and recruiting strategies from search one to close and confirmed through Constant Contact that a number of directors and VPs opened the entire series.  I have them receiving all blogs from my new series started yesterday.  I am now looking for possible next steps in my […]