Onboarding Tools for New Hires

QUESTION: I am hiring an administrative assistant that will do part time recruiting and am putting together an onboard plan.  What are some tools I should include? – Jane, Chicago ANSWER: Sometimes you can hire an administrative assistant full time that can do some recruiting part time.  For your new hire, I would first have […]

Elements of a Great Email Blast

QUESTION: How do you do an email blast?  What goes in?  What stays out?  How do you send a resume to a company that requires completing a two-page candidate information form online?  – Norman ANSWER: There are a couple different questions in here.  First of all, to be honest, I would probably not work with […]

Stop Doing Administrative Work Yourself! Here’s What You Can Delegate

QUESTION: I just started the process of getting a freelancer to help with the activities that are time consuming, but do not really generate revenue for me. I hired three freelancers and gave them a project to find contact information for me, and one of them proved to be really good. What are duties do […]

Dealing with a Slump in Your Recruiting

QUESTION: What can you recommend to a recruiter who has been in the business for years and is having issues in the last 45 days or so making rain.  I feel like a major league ballplayer who is in a hitting slump.  It is not that my hiring manager’s new connections do not appreciate any […]

Why You Should Outsource Data Entry

QUESTION: I am struggling to get all client information input in a computer data.  I take pages of notes about clients, family, company, coworkers, etc.  I plan to hire a future data entry person.  What software have you found to be the easiest to use?  What software data are you using in your office?  Tom […]

What to Do When a Client Gives a Candidate Homework

QUESTION: A new client has an interview process that basically translates into a consulting project.  They give a homework assignment that requires about 8 hours of research and effort to put together, director level position, around $120,000 to $140,000.  It seems excessive to me at this level if they are going to attract talent.  They […]

Basic Metrics for a Recruiting Desk

QUESTION: I am an experienced recruiter, but I am starting from the beginning.  My motivation and results are terrible.  What are basic metrics for a desk, i.e. number of calls to a search assignment or job order, retained, and then telephone interview, face to face to placement.  Tom ANSWER: I would use 8 to 1 […]

How to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

QUESTION: Mike, I have been stuck between $125,000 and $150,000 in the last 3 years in what has been a pretty healthy economy in my niche.  My goal has been $300,000.  It is amazing how consistently I end up in the same range, plus or minus $25,000.  How do I take my practice to $300,000?  […]

Business Plans for Solo Recruiters

QUESTION: Mike, what is the best way to do a business plan for a solo operator?  Marty, Auckland, NZ ANSWER: That is a great question which is probably an hour or two of training, but I will share the basics.  One, you want to get really clear on the outcomes. In a call I did […]

How to Go From Contingency to Retain with Existing Clients

QUESTION: Mike, do you recommend taking existing clients from contingency to retained or engaged, and if so, how do you do that? Sara, Naperville, IL ANSWER: That is a great question!  Yes and no.  When I evolved my business from a lot of contingency to retained, I did it mostly with new clients.  When I […]