What to Do When a Candidate Wants to be Recruited Out from a Client

QUESTION: My question involves recruiting ethics and how to balance full disclosure to your client with full confidentiality to your candidate. Forced to choose between the two, where should your first obligation reside? Now, here are a couple specifics. I placed a candidate with a client about 20 months ago. The candidate recently reached out […]

How to Manage Your Time for Marketing

QUESTION: Hey Mike. I am working to implement several concepts presented during the 2017 Recruiting Firm Owner Summit. One is the business development process that Greg Doersching outlined. I am trying to reach a balance in time invested in my daily and weekly activities. What do you recommend as the percentage of time of business […]

Effective Email Subject Lines

QUESTION: I took away a great call and email script content from one of the sessions from the 2017 Recruiting Firm Owner Summit.  When contacting a potential candidate with whom you do not have an existing relationship via email, what intriguing or effective subject lines do you recommend to compel them to open the message? […]

What to Look for When Hiring Recruiters

QUESTION: How do I know when to hire a recruiter and what should I look for?  – Stephanie, Phoenix, AZ ANSWER: Several times a year I hold a 2-day boot camp that goes over this in great detail, but I can try to give you that answer in five minutes or less. For those of […]

How to Avoid a Credit on a Replacement

QUESTION: I have a client that will consistently make multiple placements who had a concern with a candidate we placed and asked that we send our guarantee for this one person.  We send them the guarantee on a one-time basis without increasing their fee.  So the client did not feel obligated to end the employment […]

Financial Implications of Open Positions

QUESTION: I am not getting the costs of open position, the financial analysis.  I could use further discussion on the technique on the costs of an open position.  – Jim, Texas ANSWER: The Cliff Notes version of this answer is if your client says that they do not know the cost of letting the position […]

Learning from Past Declines in Your Practice

QUESTION: Mike, I had a killer start in 2017, the best three months of my career January through March.  Then it began to decline. Now as I look over the last few months I have had a few deals blow up.  My activity is down, and I am working on job orders that I should […]

How to Delegate Detailed Tasks to a VA

QUESTION:  When I present a candidate to a client, my cover letter is always quite detailed and a few paragraphs long, creating a cohesive story about their experience, goals, personality, reason for leaving their current role, etc.  Writing a cover letter is the only part of my job that I absolutely detest with a passion.  […]

Should You Increase Your Guarantee Terms?

QUESTION: My question is about guaranteed terms.  In the last 4 months I have had several companies send me their contracts that stipulate low fees, usually 20% with a guaranteed period for a full refund of 36 months.  Then I try to negotiate a better rate and they say it is a take it or […]

Script for Raising Fees

QUESTION: I would like some information on raising my fees.  I am physician recruiter, and it seems that $25K is the going rate.  However, with physicians making at least $200K at a 30% fee that would be $60K. Also, any tips on email subject lines or let me know if you have any type of […]