Who to Send Most Placeable Candidate Marketing Emails

QUESTION: Mike, I have heard you talk about MPCs. Do you only send those candidates to companies you know that have an opening? Or do you send them blindly to everyone in the niche? - Steve, Houston, TX ANSWER: For those that do not know that term, MPC means most...

Script for Introducing Retained Search to Existing Contingent Clients

QUESTION: How do you start a retained conversation with an existing client to get them to work with you on retained? - Marilyn, Denver, CO  ANSWER: A great question because you did not ask how to sell a retainer because you do not sell retainers. The way to get...

How to Hire a Researcher: Step-by-Step Instructions

QUESTION:  Could you walk me through the hiring a researcher, where to start, how to screen, who to contact, and how to best utilize one? - Carrie    ANSWER: To properly explain the entire process of finding, hiring, and effectively working with a...
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How to Get Paid Upfront for Search

QUESTION: I have heard of recruiters being paid upfront to cover their time and costs for searching and then paid the balance when someone was hired. The question is, how do you do this, and what you have multiple roles for the same client?   ANSWER: There are...

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