How To Determine Exactly What to Delegate

QUESTION: How do I determine what I want to delegate? We're covering this question in detail at our Recruiting Firm Scale Up Challenge next week (April 22-25th 2024!). A massive area of focus at The RecruiterU is the ability to grow. Whether you are a solo operator or...

What to Look for When Hiring Recruiters

QUESTION: How do I know when to hire a recruiter and what should I look for?  - Stephanie, Phoenix, AZ ANSWER: April 22-25th we're hosting The Free Recruiting Firm Scale Up Challenge to go over this in great detail, but I can try to give you that answer in five...

Finding Your Cadence: Adapting to Market Shifts in Recruitment

Understanding the Recruiting Market as We Wrap Q1 2024 The next question is from Sean.Mike, how are you seeing the recruiting market as we wrap Q1 2024? In most niches, and again, we’ve got a little over 100 clients in our high-end programs, pretty much all across the...
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