The #1 Mistake Most Recruiting Firm Owners Make when Scaling their Business

QUESTION: Mike, 2021 has been a pretty good year for me. I am looking to break into another level and possibly start hiring people, but I am worried about the overhead and expenses of growing a firm. How can you help? – Larry ANSWER: This is a common mistake...

How to Use the Reverse Retainer Method with Recruiting Clients

QUESTION: I have been utilizing your retainer method for signing new clients, taking a diagnostic, and then explaining my process, i.e., reaching out to 60 to 80 candidates, each one up to seven times, and ultimately presenting the best three to five candidates...

How a Marketing Associate Can Dramatically Increase Lead Generation for Your Recruiting Firm

QUESTION: Here in Canada, we are not in a market where we have a plentitude of search assignments to work on. We are an executive search firm offering full fee retained search in the $100,000 to $300,000 market. Our biggest challenge is getting new searches. We...
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Post-COVID Recruiting Mindset

QUESTION: Mike, what new recruitment mindset strategy would you recommend now that the COVID pandemic is almost over? - JC ANSWER: From a mindset standpoint, during the early months of COVID - I am going from memory and metrics from our clients - there...

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