How to Onboard and Train a Remote Recruiter

QUESTION: How do you onboard and train remote employees? - Robert ANSWER: We have learned a lot about onboarding and training remote recruiters in the last year. Full disclosure, my recruiting firm was full brick and mortar, with 25 to 28 people...

Planning for Recruiters Made Simple

QUESTION: I have two major issues. Organization, not organizational, but personal organization. How do you personally organize your day, week, month, or quarter?  - Herbert ANSWER: Great question. You start with planning your quarter by...

How to Prevent Ghosting – Part 2

Note: Last week, Mike shared strategies for working with candidates. This week we pick up the discussion on strategies on the client-side. Click here to see Part 1. QUESTION: Good morning, Mike. I have been having some issues with ghosting. I am not really sure...
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