How Effective Are MPC Recruiting Emails?

QUESTION: What percent of owners use MPC recruiting mails in their practice?  How effective are they? – Dave ANSWER: 12.7% . . . 36% . . . I have no idea what percentage. Dave, I am just having a little fun with you.   For me, I do not really give a crap, excuse my […]

Mike’s Script for How to Deal with the Internal Recruiting Team Objection

QUESTION: I am looking for strategies for dealing with the internal recruiting team objection. If the hiring manager is getting poor candidates, it is not too difficult. However, if they are getting okay candidates, I am not sure how to open them up to the notion that they are not effectively tapping into the passive […]

Dealing with Candidates Who Have Signed Non-competes

QUESTION: I placed a candidate on the 15th of this month for a $50,000 contingency fee. The client put my invoice on hold because the candidate’s former employer is trying to enforce a non-compete from 20+ years ago, which the candidate did not remember signing. This same client previously paid about $300,000 in legal fees […]

The Secret to Getting Your Voicemails Returned

It is more common to have long conversations with someone’s voicemail than the actual person you wish to speak to. This is true in personal and professional settings. Leaving a voicemail that will get returned is becoming an art. In the following video one of our lead coaches, Kathleen Kurke, leads a group of attendees […]

How to Reduce Candidate Turn Downs

QUESTION: In the 25+ years I have been in the business in the past 6 months I have had more turndowns than in all the years prior. Thoughts on how to reduce these turn downs?  – Joan ANSWER: One, it is a highly competitive market. We can only work to reduce the number, because I […]

How Your Mindset Can Make or Break Your Recruiting Practice

The last day of the year is traditionally when people set resolutions for the coming year. In reality, resolutions set on New Year’s Eve dissolve within the first few weeks of the new year. While the intention of making New Year’s resolutions are worthy, in practice they will not work if your mindset is causing […]

Managing Fear in Your Recruiting Practice

QUESTION: Mike, I know I can do really well in this business and I tend to get paralyzed, even though I do it and push myself to do it from time to time by making marketing calls to prospects. How do you deal with that? – Anonymous  ANSWER: One of the core principles we teach […]

How to Decide Whether to Hire a Contractor Versus Employee for Recruiting Business Development

QUESTION: I am looking to hire somebody for business development to pick up contract positions and grow the contract interim side of my business.  I am weighing the options and would be open to additional recommendations, meaning I want to hire somebody that is a contractor that focuses on business development only or hire a […]

Voicemails That Will Actually Get Returned

QUESTION: Mike, do you have suggestions for leaving messages to get return phone calls?  -Howard  ANSWER: I do not know what messages you are leaving now, but I find vague messages are better.  If you are leaving detailed messages about, for example, on a recruiting call, “I am working on this assignment and here are […]

Setting Goals That You Will Actually Achieve

QUESTION: What is the best way to set financial goals and actually follow through on it?  I have been in this business for 12 years.  I set goals and most of the time I do not hit it.  Any insights? – George, Atlanta, GA  ANSWER: I am envisioning clients, my own recruiters, and myself, bluntly, […]

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