Marketing Coordinator Compensation Plans

QUESTION: Hi Mike, I heard you talk about using a marketing coordinator to get job order leads for a senior team member. In this case, it would be me as the owner of the company. How do you compensate them? If they find an opening that turns into a client, do they get residual income […]

Getting Across the Finish Line When Selling Retained Search

QUESTION: When selling retained search, do you have a strategy for when the client is sold on the retainer but is resistant to committing to money upfront?  – Anonymous   ANSWER: This situation happens quite a bit, regardless if this is your first retainer or you work a fully retained desk.   Many people think […]

Three Steps to Diversifying Your Recruiting Practice

QUESTION: We have been in a great economy for the last 10 years and my desk was doing fantastic. Now I want to diversify into other areas in my recruiting company. What is the best place to get started? What is a quick process to give me some ideas on starting that process?  – Lewis, […]

When to Offer a Discount on Search Fees

QUESTION: Mike, I have just executed a retained search for a new client for a search for them. They are still interviewing my shortlist, but I just informed me that they may want to hire two of my candidates. There is a potential of two placements from the same search. I have not been asked […]

Breaking Through a Plateau in Your Revenue

QUESTION: I am stuck between $100,000 and $250,000 on billings per year, and I am working about 60 hours a week. What do people who bill $350,000 or $400,000 a year consistently do differently?  – Alan    ANSWER: I do not know what you are doing, but I do know some of the traits of […]

How to Hold Your Recruiters Accountable to Metrics

QUESTION: Mike, I have taken your advice and have hired recruiters. My weakness is holding them accountable. I know you have talked about 15 presentations a day as a minimum standard. Help me again with what happens if they do not hit their targets. – Nicole, Chicago  ANSWER: Now more than ever it is important […]

Ways to Maximize Your Day, Especially If You Are an Early Riser

QUESTION: I am an early morning person on the East Coast in the U.S. and I am just restarting on my national desk. Are there any ways to take advantage of the time zone difference other than making calls a little later? Ways to take advantage of voicemail or set me apart as memorable?  – […]

Outsourcing Initial Recruiting Conversations

QUESTION: I would love to have someone making initial recruit calls for me.  I am not looking for someone to close deals but make the dials and bring potential candidates to the point of agreement of hearing more.  I can take it from there.  Do you feel like I could find this type of person […]

Daily Plans for Million Dollar Recruiters

QUESTION: What is your best recommendation for planning your day? I am a $625,000 biller and mostly work contingency searches. Could you please share specific techniques, start of the day to the end, “do’s and don’ts”, and the best time for client development. Also, would it be helpful if I also worked on a Saturday […]

Email Campaigns to Get New Clients

QUESTION: What is the best marketing email you can help me with to generate interest to have a potential new client move forward? – Debbie, West Palm Beach, FL  ANSWER: Nothing you are going to say in an email about your wonderful capability, the six gold medals you won at the recruiting Olympics are really […]

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