How to Find Qualified Candidates

QUESTION: I am getting sick and tired of the high charges from the job boards and the poor responses we are receiving. What ideas do you have in being creative to locate qualified candidates? – Larry, New Jersey  ANSWER: To be honest, I never used job boards, even back in the old days, to source […]

How to Maximize Social Media and Email for Marketing

QUESTION: Mike, I would like more direction on how often and the timing for sending social media, emails, and content messages. I just finished putting 4,200 resumes in a new ATS and would like direction on an initial template and how often to reach out to existing candidates. Some are 20-year-old plus resumes and could […]

New Client Acquisition Strategies that are Working Right Now

QUESTION: Mike, what is working right now in getting new clients? – Susan, Charlotte, NC ANSWER: Great question. The old stuff is still working, such as MPC email marketing and flip marketing, but one really great technique is one I learned from a friend of mine, Angelique Rewers, who gave me permission to teach it […]

Why Happiness Comes Before Success

QUESTION: What has been one of the most influential books you have read? ANSWER: There is a phenomenal book called The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor; I read this book in 2012 and it was, honestly, life-changing. It was such an impactful book because it completely changed my perspective. I love this book so much […]

Strategies for Dealing with Candidate’s Fear to Make a Change

QUESTION:  Mike, how do you deal with candidates when they reply to my emails with, “I am always open to new opportunities; however, I am not ready to take on a new job right now in a COVID-19 environment.” – Cindy, Chicago, IL ANSWER: We have been measuring metrics, since the beginning of March 2020. […]

Staying Motivated Through Chaos

QUESTION:  What is your motivation to continue going forward in a positive way in the time of 24/7 news cycles concerning the virus, political unrest, and the election results? – Alan, TX ANSWER: I love this question. Some of you may have been on a free webinar I did in April that addressed this exact […]

How and When to Use a Capped Fee for a Search

QUESTION: Do you cap fees for higher salary positions at the $150,000 or $200,000+ level? ANSWER: The simple answer is: No. Let me share an example of this type of situation, the client said they would pay $150,000 to $200,000 in a salary, we find somebody, and then the process gets competitive at the end, and they […]

What to Say When a Client Wants to Renegotiate a Fee Agreement

QUESTION: Would you negotiate fees after a contract was signed, and now the client wants to hire three high-priced individuals? It is a $17 million company, and it would be an investment. – Karen  ANSWER: I rarely negotiated a contract after the fact because when you negotiate after the fact, the client will expect you to always negotiate […]

Time to Start Planning for 2021

QUESTION: Mike, I am beginning to think about my 2021 business plan. As a solo operator, what are the key constructs I should have as part of an annual plan? – Mary, San Jose, CA  ANSWER: The thoughts I will share apply to solo recruiters and firm owners creating annual plans with their recruiters. When I did my […]

Successfully Navigating a Confidential Search

QUESTION: I have a confidential replacement retainer issue. I have a new client looking for a controller and determined during that search; they want to hire us for a confidential replacement to the VP of Finance. This is a small company with less than 100 employees, so the CEO is nervous about me invoicing the VP […]

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