How to Get New Clients in Today’s Economy

QUESTION: Getting new clients is a challenge for me, but it never used to be. Could it be because there are too many recruiters?  – Debbie  ANSWER: I started in 1989. There were lousy clients in every decade I have been in this business. Therefore, I do not think getting good clients is impossible, but […]

Preparing For and Working Through Economic Slowdowns

QUESTION: What are the specific things you suggest we do on our desk and in our business to prepare or work through any type of economic slowdown? Nothing related to having a nest egg or a line of credit. I am seeking the best business ideas to implement now to position a solo recruiter for […]

The Value of E&O Insurance for Recruiters

QUESTION: I want to purchase E&O insurance.  What are your thoughts about recruiters having this insurance?  Do you have any recommendations on who to purchase it from?  – Craig, Dallas, TX ANSWER: Great question, the need for Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance is common amongst new and tenured recruiting firm owners. I see so many […]

Recruitment Website Best Practices

QUESTION: Mike, what are your thoughts on recruiting websites? Do I really even need a website? ANSWER: Great question! The short answer to your question is YES! The reality is your website is your digital business card. It is what gives your recruiting practice credibility and elevates your status as a trusted advisor. It is […]

What to Look for in a New Recruiting Desk

QUESTION: What are the characteristics you look for when investigating and evaluating a new recruiting desk? – Michael  ANSWER: That is a really good question. Most people would want to go to an industry that is new, hot, and sexy. Let me defend why. The hottest industries attract every new recruiter.  Because if you are […]

How to Train a New Recruiter in a Nutshell

QUESTION: There are four pieces to my business: Executive search, finance sales, marketing, and ops, recruiting in the same areas for middle on either temp to hire or direct, staffing for manufacturing, call centers, and biotech, and leadership development and coaching as it ties to our executive searches. Our focus is our geographic in nature. […]

Focus on Marketing Outcomes, Not Hours Spent

QUESTION: How many hours a week or day do you suggest a full desk recruiter should spend on marketing calls – someone that is very experienced and also for someone that is starting to market after only working on the candidate side? – Penny, Omaha, NE ANSWER: How many hours a week do you suggest […]

Best Practices for Organizing a New Search

QUESTION: What do you do after getting a search? How do you organize it? My process right now is sending out the roles to our team of independent recruiters, checking submittals from similar searches, and then writing to LinkedIn/Monster. If I do not find anything for a few days, then I involve my offshore researcher […]

Tactic for Moving From HR to the Hiring Manager

QUESTION: What is the best way to handle a contingency search where my contact is not the hiring manager, but the head of recruiting? Would I do the job intake with them, or should I insist on speaking with a hiring manager? So far, I am getting this about 50% of the time with my […]

Marketing Coordinator Compensation Plans

QUESTION: Hi Mike, I heard you talk about using a marketing coordinator to get job order leads for a senior team member. In this case, it would be me as the owner of the company. How do you compensate them? If they find an opening that turns into a client, do they get residual income […]

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