How to Deal with Times of Slow Business Development

QUESTION: Just finished our strongest month of billings last month in the firm’s history. While I do feel blessed for the success as an owner, I am feeling the stress of having closed a number of searches and not having many job orders for the new staff that I have hired. Business development has proven […]

The Best Way to Make Initial Contact with a Candidate

QUESTION: How do you feel about initiating a first contact with a candidate via LinkedIn and mail or email? Do you feel the phone is still the best way to do this?  – Conrad, Walpole, MA ANSWER: I prefer initiating first contact via phone for recruiting. It is not right or wrong because you can […]

How to Level Up Your Marketing

QUESTION: Are there any new sources, websites, or technology you have experienced or heard good things about you can recommend? – Ray ANSWER: That is way too broad. There are all these kinds of little hacks. New technology, most recruiters are not using old technology. On many recruiter’s websites, I notice that they only have […]

Finding Contact Information for Remote Workers

QUESTION: In making calls in the technical sales area we are running into a few problems.  We are having problems getting phone numbers for some that work remotely, like territory and regional managers, also getting sales people with a manager title that do not manage people. We have ended up with 30+ resumes of candidates […]

How to Handle New Recruiters that are Underperforming

QUESTION: We have an employee that just started with us a few months ago and is drastically underperforming. We compensate our recruiters primarily on salary with little commission. She lost her brother and her father is likely to pass very soon. We are considering offering her a month to month paid leave to allow her […]

Should Recruiters Use Video?

QUESTION: Also, I have been looking to utilizing short videos since I have been reading that people are more responsive to video than emails these days. Have you heard of others doing this and what the results have been?  – Conrad, Walpole, MA ANSWER: Video is so much more productive. I do not use it […]

How to Use Job Boards to Find Candidates

QUESTION: There are lots of open jobs in the area I recruit and one of the major issues in 2018 has been candidate shortage. The methods I use most regularly are headhunting, using LinkedIn, advertising, using major job boards, plus utilizing their talent search tool, regenerating old candidates that I have previously interviewed, and asking […]

How to Start a New Niche

QUESTION: I am interested in your process for starting a new niche.  – Debbie ANSWER: One of the best ways to establish a new niche, is to first ask, is it viable? In most niches right now, you have tremendous demand for talent, so it is hard to pick a bad one.   From there […]

What is a Search Associate?

QUESTION: I am doing my hiring plan for the next year and have heard you mention the role of search associate before. Can you explain that a bit more? – Jeffrey ANSWER: Absolutely. This is a phenomenal role, especially in the economy we are in right now where openings are pretty plentiful. I am not […]

Should a Candidate only accept offers in writing?

QUESTION: Is it unreasonable to expect a candidate to verbally accept an offer pending an official offer letter and contract being sent by the client? I have put an offer to a head of procurement this evening, and although delighted with the offer, I have extended. She said she obviously cannot accept until she sees […]

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