Should You Discount Multiple Exclusives?

QUESTION: If you were in multiple exclusive openings with a current client and they want a discount, how should you respond without losing your exclusives? – Steven ANSWER: Great question.  There are two kinds of scenarios.  One scenario is they are giving your ten openings for one type of position.  For example, you get ten […]

Best Options for Research

QUESTION: I just bought a membership to ZoomInfo.  What other sources should I use getting phone numbers and contacts of companies? ANSWER: Hoover’s is outstanding, but it is not inexpensive.  Hoover is not as good for small companies, probably less than $100 million, but it is outstanding for companies greater than $100 million.  Again, it […]

General Marketing Calls Versus MPC

QUESTION: MPC marketing calls versus general marketing calls that explain what your firm specializes in.  Which one is better?  I have been using MPCs.  – Eric ANSWER: MPCs by light years.  In 12 of my 15 years recruiting (for 3 years I was on and off a desk), I made a sum total of zero […]

Metrics for New Recruiting Account Executives

QUESTION: Mike, what activity recommendations would you have for a new account executive who has no previous recruiting experience and then contrasting that with one that comes with recruiting experience, but in both cases would have to build their database pipeline.  This would be based on their first 13 weeks.  Looking for suggestions on both […]

What to Do When You Are Referred to Human Resources

QUESTION: Sometimes when making marketing presentations, the VP of HR will refer me to a junior HR professional.  Typically the junior HR professional, with no budget authority, is their main recruiting point of contact and has firsthand knowledge of what is actually happening in their recruiting function.  Is it okay to work at this level […]

Elements of a Great Marketing Email to Hiring Managers

QUESTION: Mike, I tried doing the email marketing and so far out of thirty-five emails I only received one response that said they were not looking for a VP of Sales at this time.  It could be the level I am targeting, but would you look at the below email and let me know your […]

How to Take a Vacation Without Losing Client Relationships

QUESTION: I am going to take 2 to 3 months off during the summer and travel extensively.  How can I keep the business running and sustain the relationships with key clients?  What is your best advice?  – Lisa, San Francisco ANSWER: This is one of the main reasons you want to build a recruiting firm.  […]

Compensation Plans for Your Recruiting Firm

QUESTION: What do you recommend in regards to compensation plan when hiring associates?  How do we find associates, full desk recruiters? – Ann, IL ANSWER: I will give you a framework for that compensation plan so that people on the call can benefit, like I said, from it too. With you as the billing manager, […]

How To Fill Your Pipeline With Referrals

QUESTION: I am a student of always asking for referrals.  What are your recommendations for getting someone to recognize the difference between a referral versus someone who is looking to leave their current position? – Tom, Denver, Colorado ANSWER: After I completely exhaust the conversation with the original person I call, I typically say: I […]

Why Do I Have So Many Rejected Offers?

QUESTION: I have had four offers so far this year with three offer turndowns.  I know that every deal is different, but if there is one common thing you can think of not going on here.  It is unusual for me to have this many rejected offers.  – Conrad, Massachusetts ANSWER: Without knowing more, my […]