What is a Search Associate?

QUESTION: I am doing my hiring plan for the next year and have heard you mention the role of search associate before. Can you explain that a bit more? – Jeffrey ANSWER: Absolutely. This is a phenomenal role, especially in the economy we are in right now where openings are pretty plentiful. I am not […]

Should a Candidate only accept offers in writing?

QUESTION: Is it unreasonable to expect a candidate to verbally accept an offer pending an official offer letter and contract being sent by the client? I have put an offer to a head of procurement this evening, and although delighted with the offer, I have extended. She said she obviously cannot accept until she sees […]

What to do when a client changes the terms of the fee agreement

QUESTION: Just got back an email from a prospect where I sent a fee agreement for my fee due net 30 days. They agreed to the fee, but they marked up the payment terms to 50% net 30, 50% to be paid 6 months after start date. Besides “hell no,” how do I respond?  – […]

How to Budget for Training Programs

QUESTION: I am looking at Next Level Exchange and been using your materials for a couple of years now with great results. Actually recently, your Inner Circle coaching program helped me close a $24,000 placement a couple months ago from a client I got using the flip marketing technique. Anyway, I am doing budgets for […]

Should you mail out company brochures?

QUESTION:  Hey Mike. When you get a request for company information after a marketing call, what do you send?  – Darren ANSWER: Honestly, nothing. I rarely send anything. When I was new and first got into the business in my mid 20s, I was a 4-year marketing major and designed these wonderful brochures. When I […]

Workflows for Freelancers

QUESTION: My issue is understanding how solo operators have freelancers reach out to potential candidates and do a lot of the grunt research on their company’s behalf?  Do they have company emails and associated branding on LinkedIn?  Are they reaching out as just a random recruiter and then referring the interested candidate? I would love […]

Marketing Your MPC to Companies Who Do Not Work With Agencies

QUESTION: In researching companies for the email recruiting you shared with us, I came across a couple positions that my most placeable candidate (MPC) would be qualified for. At some of the positions at the bottom of the job description it says no agencies please. In the past I would not call in to those […]

Compensation for New Search Associates on Salary

QUESTION: I am bringing on a new search associate on salary versus my prior draw system. Since they are on salary, what do you do for the first quarter, not just pay commissions until cash comes in? – Tom, Denver, CO ANSWER: Very briefly, the role of a search associate is to recruit on his […]

Going Beyond LinkedIn for Research

QUESTION: Quick question regarding outsourcing. I get it when it comes to offloading certain sourcing tasks to contractors via Upwork. I understand getting a list back with names and email addresses. The part I do not understand is how a contractor is expected to supply phone numbers with a candidate name and email addresses when […]

How to Track Recruiting Metrics

QUESTION: I want to start using KPIs (metrics). Can you please provide some guidance around getting started on this? Also I do not have a database so I will need to track things manually. I use Excel spreadsheet to keep track of clients’ calls and I keep candidates resumes in a folder on my computer. […]

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