Maintaining Motivation and Focus for Recruiters

QUESTION: How do you maintain focus and motivation on a day in, day out basis? – Jeff, IN ANSWER: It is a good question and my gut feeling is that you are not focused on an outcome.  I am reading between the lines.  Let me just reverse engineer something.  Let us say your goal is […]

Going from a Solo Recruiter to Recruiting Firm the Right Way

QUESTION: Mike, I am ready to grow my office and start hiring recruiters.  What should be the first steps?  – Alex, Tulsa, OK   ANSWER: I am reading between the lines of “ready to start growing” here, meaning you do not have recruiters already.  I am just highlighting in your question the word “start.”  Hiring […]

Using Reference Checks as a Marketing Tool

QUESTION: What is the best way to use a reference check?  – Sandy, Lexington, KY ANSWER: Great question.  In our coaching programs, there is a module on the membership site on how to track references with a form and a template and use it as a marketing tool. However, I can give you the Cliff […]

How to Navigate Around Human Resources in Large Companies

QUESTION: I work with large companies and everything is going through HR and VMS systems.  How do you get around this?  – Nigel, London, UK   ANSWER: I did not work with large companies and honestly do not know how to get around that with relatively little effort.  I didn’t target large companies when I […]

How to Get Out of a Recruiting Revenue Rut

QUESTION: Mike, I am stuck between $150,000 and $200,000 ballpark revenue the last 3 years, and I want to get to $300,000.  What is the best way?   ANSWER: Well, the easy, easy, easy way, just based on metrics is probably to arrange one more interview a week.  If you are at $150,000 to $200,000, […]

Which Client Prospects Should You Include in MPC Email Campaign?

QUESTION: I have developed a client prospect database per all your earlier discussions here and in the Double Your Placements Program.  Would you recommend emailing the MPC to the database or going through some of the companies beforehand online to see if they have an actual opening?  This would seem more targeted to me and […]

Is It Necessary to Have a Niche?

QUESTION: How important do you think it is working a niche or specialization? – Larry ANSWER: Very important. The riches are in the niches. I forgot who said that.  I did high tech sales in the ethernet router switching world, high end corporate into telecoms.  90% of our searches were in all the major metros: […]

Training a Virtual Assistant With a Recruiting Background

QUESTION: I have a virtual assistant who actually knows the recruiting business, and I do not know how to train her on how to utilize her to help me. I have worked alone since 2008 and I am lost to delegating. How and where should I start utilizing her help?  – Lucy   ANSWER: Great […]

What to Do When You Are Drifting Throughout Your Day

QUESTION: Mike, I tend to drift day to day and week to week. I am undisciplined in my planning. What is the best way to do a weekly plan? Please keep my name confidential.   ANSWER: I will keep your name confidential because you requested it, but you are every guy or gal out there. […]

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