What to Do When Your Contact Goes Dark Before Signing the Agreement

QUESTION: I used an MPC to generate a new account and the Director of HR spoke to me and decided to introduce me to another HR person who handles a specific plant for this company. I developed a great relationship with this new HR person. We talked about the fee which took some time to […]

How to Find New Clients

QUESTION: One of the major things that is holding me back is finding clients. – Roger  ANSWER: When I hear someone has trouble finding and attracting clients I am guessing they are talking to almost nobody. We have measured this in a bunch of different desk specialties, and it is anywhere between 9 and 15 […]

What to Do When Your Candidate was also Referred by a Client’s Colleague

QUESTION: I have a new client, a very small IT firm, who made an offer to one of my candidates and the candidate declined. I trust the client as I have met him and have had numerous discussions with him over the past 5 months. I found a backup candidate and sent over to them. […]

Why Content Marketing is Great for Ongoing Client Communication

QUESTION:  My question is about developing ongoing communication with potential clients. I have heard some other things you have done about regular email. Can you share some details? – Doug ANSWER: In our last blog post, I spoke extensively about regular email. Go here to check it out. Another form of email communication is through […]

Timing of Contact in New Client Development

QUESTION: My question is regarding new client development. I have heard through several trainers to have a list of 1500 plus or minus clients prospects and they should be called or emailed quarterly. I typically will leave a message and then try calling the same prospect again in about a week. What are your thoughts […]

Client Gift Suggestions

QUESTION: Any ideas for client gifts? I normally go down the route of expensive wines or spirits, but I am interested in doing something different this year, but just not sure what.  – Caroline, Sydney, Australia  ANSWER: Sending thoughtful gifts, especially at times outside of the typical holiday season, is a great client retention tool. […]

The Best Way to Approach Prospective Candidates

QUESTION: It still remains apparent that using an MPC (most placeable candidate) for marketing and/or business development calls still tends to generate better dialog and certainly return voicemails. The challenge sometimes is you do not feel like you have a strong enough MPC. So my question is how would you go about approaching prospective candidates […]

What to Do When You Market a Candidate and the Client Guesses Their Name

QUESTION: How, in pitching a candidate to a respective client, do you answer when the client guesses a candidate’s name before you have a signed contract?  – Kristen ANSWER: Great question! One, that tells me you gave way too much detail and you probably mentioned where they worked. So going forward, it is probably a […]

How to Deal with Times of Slow Business Development

QUESTION: Just finished our strongest month of billings last month in the firm’s history. While I do feel blessed for the success as an owner, I am feeling the stress of having closed a number of searches and not having many job orders for the new staff that I have hired. Business development has proven […]

The Best Way to Make Initial Contact with a Candidate

QUESTION: How do you feel about initiating a first contact with a candidate via LinkedIn and mail or email? Do you feel the phone is still the best way to do this?  – Conrad, Walpole, MA ANSWER: I prefer initiating first contact via phone for recruiting. It is not right or wrong because you can […]

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