Compensation for New Search Associates on Salary

QUESTION: I am bringing on a new search associate on salary versus my prior draw system. Since they are on salary, what do you do for the first quarter, not just pay commissions until cash comes in? – Tom, Denver, CO ANSWER: Very briefly, the role of a search associate is to recruit on his […]

Going Beyond LinkedIn for Research

QUESTION: Quick question regarding outsourcing. I get it when it comes to offloading certain sourcing tasks to contractors via Upwork. I understand getting a list back with names and email addresses. The part I do not understand is how a contractor is expected to supply phone numbers with a candidate name and email addresses when […]

How to Track Recruiting Metrics

QUESTION: I want to start using KPIs (metrics). Can you please provide some guidance around getting started on this? Also I do not have a database so I will need to track things manually. I use Excel spreadsheet to keep track of clients’ calls and I keep candidates resumes in a folder on my computer. […]

What to Do When You Suspect a Candidate is Lying

QUESTION: My question is about working with a candidate that is about to be in the process of getting an offer. All along the candidate said, that they have no other offers.  The client wants to make an offer, at that same moment the candidate says, that an interview from four months ago they thought […]

The Best Way to End a Flip Marketing Call

QUESTION: After going through a prospecting flip call, I have had a great dialog, got good information, asked what you to do to earn the right to do business with them. They tell you they do not have a need right now. What are some ways to end the call?  – Tom ANSWER: You are […]

How to Investigate Negative Rumors about Candidates

QUESTION: A client company likes a candidate and wants to make him an offer, but they heard from someone in the industry they should not hire him and will share with me, who they spoke to or what they said. They want to see other candidates even though they loved this candidate and almost made […]

Using Virtual Recruiters in Your Solo Practice or Recruiting Firm

QUESTION: Do the part time recruiters hired as virtual recruiters reach out to people on LinkedIn if they are part of your company? Are they making it look like they are an employee of your firm or LinkedIn?  – Kyle, Berkeley Heights ANSWER: I would never make them look as though they are an employee […]

Training New Recruiters to Effectively Take New Search Assignment

QUESTION: I have been developing our recruiters and not been getting the my desired result. They are not motivated, and except in isolated instances, the team is not getting the quantifiable information that you would have on a search assignment form. Is it me in the delivery of our training, or is some people just […]

Is Cold Calling Dead?

QUESTION: I am curious what people are doing. Is cold calling dead? I am old school. This is the way I have earned my business for years, but it seems almost impossible to get through to people these days.  – Pam, Montgomery, AL ANSWER: This is one of the topics that we cover in-depth at […]

How to Respond to Negative Responses to MPC Emails

QUESTION: How would you respond to the response received to my MPC marketing emails? Here is an actual response: Dear Vick, Thanks but no need at this moment in time. ANSWER: Happy to share an effective response. First, I would like to remind you that I do not count MPC marketing emails as a marketing […]

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