How to Engage a Busy VP or President on a Marketing Call

QUESTION: What are some different ways to sell the need to do more of a deep dive to qualify their need better, to get on the calendar of a busy VP or President to qualify the order, especially when you have made placements with them before without doing deep dives? – Eric ANSWER: It is […]

Is It Really That Difficult to Get Retainers?

QUESTION: I had one retained search of $50,000 last year. I want to get more, but my thinking is it’s tough to get retainers on anything that is not the director level or hire. Do you find this to be true?  ANSWER: As long as you think it is tough to get retainers, it will […]

Difference Between Contract and Permanent Recruiting

QUESTION: Regarding contractors, would you say that positioning is similar to pitching for permanent staffers and what would be your suggestions? – Nathan ANSWER: I could provide a 3-day seminar on selling contract recruiting. In one word, Nathan, I would recommend you eliminate from your vocabulary is the word “pitching.” When you pitch, you talk […]

How to Maximize Your ATS

QUESTION: I am terrible at consistently using my CRM/ATS system. I have notices on pieces of paper and key phone calls in my calendar. I struggle with finding a CRM/ATS that is simple to use and has the right amount of detail. Any suggestions on what to look for and how to get in the […]

How I Went From a Half a Million Dollar to a $2.2 Million Recruiter

QUESTION: In several areas of my business I could use your counsel and help implementing or improving. I am already getting retainers, candidates, and plenty of work given my experience and specialization with holding national and regional leadership positions in the industry and disciplines. What I need help with is converting my business from a […]

How to Help New Hiring Managers Shine in the Hiring Process

QUESTION: I am sophomore self- taught solo recruiter. I have a key account that I recently got 2 new assignments and need to retrain a bit in terms of candidate debriefs, realistic expectations, etc. On top of that, a candidate I placed there in 2017 got promoted and now is the hiring manager that I […]

Strategies for Getting on a Preferred Supplier List

QUESTION: My question is in regards to preferred supplier lists, what would your strategy be for potential clients with a preferred supplier list (PSL)? Would you pursue them or just file them away? If so, what ways would you go about it? – Nathan ANSWER: I am not even going to be vague with you […]

Best Way to Present Your Recruiting Business When Marketing

QUESTION: Should I present myself as a solo recruiter or as a company with my company name with marketing and/or sourcing candidates?  – Gary  ANSWER: That is a great question. When I had my firm, I was always the Managing Director. The name of my firm was never Gionta & Associates. I bought an MRI […]

Quick Overview of Recruiter Compensation Structures

QUESTION: Would you discuss your experience and knowledge on hiring recruiters on a base salary plus bonus plus the bonus incentive is progressive, if there is a commission plan incentive at some predetermined objective goal that would move them to straight commission. – Jim, Houston, TX  ANSWER: Commission structure is a hot topic for anyone […]

Planning Your Daily Calls – When to Recruit Versus When to Market

QUESTION: I am a solo recruiter, and I am having some challenges when trying to plan out my day’s activities. I try to focus on the activities that are closest to the money first thing in the morning, so I have tried to split up my day doing some recruiting calls in the morning and […]

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