How to Scale Your Firm Quickly with New Recruiters

QUESTION: I need some advice. I have a lot of assignments on my plate, too many to handle by myself and on a very tight deadline. They are all fully retained. However, they are all from the same client. I also do not have a great marketing process in place yet, so I do not […]

What to Do When the Hiring Manager Wants More than Possible in a New Salesperson

QUESTION: I have an instance where a new client company would like to hire a salesperson but only on a contract 1099 basis with a small base and a high commission rate and maybe transition to employee status if they sell well. The reason the CEO gives appears to be around lowering the hiring risk […]

How to Recruit in Big 4 Accounting Firms

QUESTION: Mike, I have been sending out MPC emails to partners and CEOs of several Big 4 accounting firms. I just received a reply back from one of the firms, not from the partner, but an internal recruiter who responded with the following:   Hi Gerard,  Thanks so much for getting in touch. My name […]

How to Determine Compensation for Referrals

QUESTION: I am meeting with a business coach tomorrow that is interested in sending referrals in exchange for a percentage of the placements that I make from his customers. I have never done this before. What is the typical percentage to pay someone that can give me leads? – Kristen ANSWER: The percentage really is […]

Tracking Metrics for Email Conversations

QUESTION: We get a lot of emails, LinkedIn, etc. versus phone calls. What metrics are important to track to give that?  – Brian ANSWER: I track response rates. If I send out 100 MPC emails, my clients are typically getting a 20% to 40% response rate. By response, I mean they are might be getting […]

How to Fake It Until You Make it in a New Niche

QUESTION: I have a call with a potential client tomorrow and was told he expects me to have a network of candidates in their niche. Honestly, I am trying to break into this niche so I do not have many contacts yet. How do I fake until I make it? What good word tracks will […]

2019 Trends in Recruiting

QUESTION: What do you think the 3 new trends of recruiting in 2019 that are impacting our business?  – Lisa, FL  ANSWER: The ongoing trends are not anything specific.  The main trends you are going to see are a continuing trend, because of market demographics meaning the youngest baby boomer is in their mid-50s and […]

What to Do When Your Contact Goes Dark Before Signing the Agreement

QUESTION: I used an MPC to generate a new account and the Director of HR spoke to me and decided to introduce me to another HR person who handles a specific plant for this company. I developed a great relationship with this new HR person. We talked about the fee which took some time to […]

How to Find New Clients

QUESTION: One of the major things that is holding me back is finding clients. – Roger  ANSWER: When I hear someone has trouble finding and attracting clients I am guessing they are talking to almost nobody. We have measured this in a bunch of different desk specialties, and it is anywhere between 9 and 15 […]

What to Do When Your Candidate was also Referred by a Client’s Colleague

QUESTION: I have a new client, a very small IT firm, who made an offer to one of my candidates and the candidate declined. I trust the client as I have met him and have had numerous discussions with him over the past 5 months. I found a backup candidate and sent over to them. […]

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