This is from Tim.  Thoughts and recommendations on the 7 times of contacting a candidate?  Any particular order or frequency? 

The Art of Recruiting: A Powerful Voicemail to Get Candidates on the Phone

Great question.  Again, my whole goal is to get clients and candidates on the phone.  For me, recruiting is an art form, and you all have stuff that works for you.  I always liked mystery. This was my office’s first voicemail, 25 people all at once leaving this voicemail. 

         Hey Tim,

I have no idea what’s going on in your career.  I just wanted to talk to you quietly and confidentially to see if you are open to hearing about something – pause like this – potentially stronger than your current situation.  Call me back at ____-____-____. 

Leveraging Different Communication Channels Effectively

I can leave that in a voicemail today on Monday.  I can do it through a LinkedIn message on Wednesday.  Same message.  Don’t say – this is where people get tied up – hey, I left you a voicemail, and I am following up.  No.  Just leave the same thing in a different media.  Different people respond to different things.  Here is what the benefit of 7 times is.  Again, order and frequency, those 7, I want over the course of three weeks, so 2 or 3 per week. 

It can be voicemail, text, email.  There is no combination in any order, but I generally do not go 7 voicemails, or 7 emails, for those of you afraid to leave a voicemail. 

The Significance of ‘7’: Why it Matters in Recruitment Outreach

I like 7.  Here is why.  Most recruiters give up after 2 or 3.  Most of our clients, and this was a requirement in my office, again, everything I still teach, we test with our clients.  This still works in 2023.  Those that connect with you on number 5, 6, or 7, are going to thank you 90% of the time for your persistence.  They might be a little annoyed 10% of the time, like leave me alone, nothing harsh, but just leave me alone.  You got your answer.

Real-World Results: A Success Story from the 7th Attempt

I had one of our clients fighting me so hard on this.  I go, you are paying me a lot of money to teach you what I know works.  Why don’t you fail my way?  He was like, you know what, good point, Mike.  To his credit, a few months later, he made a $45,000 or $48,000 placement on the 7th attempt to connect with a candidate.  He goes, I will not doubt it anymore.  Again, some people, 15% to 20%, might not get a hold of you after 7 times.  That’s fine.  It is also, just to reiterate, a phenomenal selling point, when you talk about what you provide as search consultant. 

Balancing Information and Intrigue: The Key to Captivating Candidates

Again, I like leading with voicemail.  Vague.  Certain candidates in certain spaces, after 2 or 3, maybe you put a couple bullet points about the position.  Ensure it is really, exciting stuff.  Do not post bullet points of the job duties, which is what they are doing already.  Make it sexy, like something you know candidates in your space have said to keep them and hold them.  Mystery.  A lot of people think a lot of information gets people to call back.  No.  It is the mystery that gets them to call back. 

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