QUESTION: Mike, I have been following you for a long time and implemented much of your stuff. I am increasing my marketing activity and getting more searches because of it. My question is, I am reluctant to call hiring managers after 5:00 p.m. I feel like I would be bothering them, or they might not be around. What are your thoughts on that? – Mary

The Dilemma of Calling After Business Hours

Such a good question. This also came up in one of our group calls the other day. For me, it was never an issue, but it’s just that people have that mindset, whether it is being respectful or just thinking about things as a typical business day. I am interpreting that you are okay calling after 5:00, but you don’t want to call them because you do not think they will be there or are bothering them.

Personal Experience and Best Times to Reach Out

Here is my experience. If they pick up, they will talk. My experience is after 5:00 their time; if you get them, they are generally more relaxed. Even though it is the end of their day, they are less frantic. There are fewer things going on. Again, there are always exceptions to this. I found I had better conversations. It was easier to get a hold of people after 5:00 and between 7:30 and 8:45 in the morning. I just remember feeling the same way, especially on the early side, not so much on the late side.

A Successful Strategy for Recruiter Outreach

I remember hearing about an opening for a VP of Sales through networking. My intention was to talk to the CEO to get the search. I tried contacting him, but he would not call me back. I tried, tried, tried, tried, and tried again. Eventually, I got his executive assistant, talked to her a few times, and left messages with her a few times. She liked me a little bit. I was very professional with her.

She goes, look, I don’t get in until 8:30. He comes in around 7:30. He makes his coffee and reads his Wall Street Journal. He’ll often pick up calls between 7:30 and 8:30, so I would wait until 7:45, give him a buzz, and see if he would pick up.

It was the next morning. Bingo.

I started doing that more and more with people I had trouble getting a hold of, either earlier or later in the day, and it was rare that they were frustrated with that. Because remember, they chose to pick up the phone. They chose to pick up the phone. Great question. Call at will. Call at will.

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