QUESTION: At the recent wonderful seminar you put on, you mentioned that a call can be 3 recruit presentations and a marketing presentation or a recruit presentation and a marketing presentation all at the same time. I am not sure if that is a typo. I just have to present 3 different job opportunities to the person and then do a marketing presentation. – Brian

ANSWER: Yes, correct.  Let me just back up, for those readers who have not attended one of our live or virtual events and are on the outside of the inside joke.  

What we are talking about is tracking the right metrics. Because metrics are the key to making your revenue predictable. Period.  

I cannot tell you or any recruiter, I could not even tell myself, which placements we are going to close. A lot of the ones I thought were done deals blew up. A lot of the ones I thought were long shots happened. But I could control the number of people I talked to every day, and I could control the number of interviews I arranged every week based on the number of people I talked to every week.  

Brian’s question really comes along. So, if I call a candidate and I have a few searches, and I say, hey, Brian, you and I have talked in the past and I have no idea if you are still open, but here are a few opportunities I am working on. What are your thoughts on each one?  

Because in theory, you can be attracted to all of them, and in theory, every one of those 3 different clients may want to see you, so that would be 3 recruit presentations. Correct.  

He or she may not be interested in any of them and you might say, well, okay, especially if it is a hiring manager – What do I need to do to earn the right to help you build your team? 

Meaning, do you have anything I can work on? But you never say, do you have anything that I can work on. You say – What do I need to do to earn the right to help you build your team?  

On the flip call, which is what we were just talking about, taking that call from a recruit presentation into a marketing presentation, this is where I would take a data-sheet if they were determined to get out, but I really want to do a marketing presentation.  

Do I get a recruit presentation and also a marketing presentation? My goal is not the recruit presentation but getting the marketing presentation. Though I do have an opening, I could present them as an MPC or a real candidate. I really want my statistics to be rock solid to manage my business.   

So you only want to count the recruit presentation when you are working on a real viable position, not something you found on a job board, that you know based on having the right profile you can get interviews. You have a fee approved, no matter how bad it is, and you have a process for submitting the candidate.  

Great question.  Thank you.  

Photo by Andrew Buchanan on Unsplash