Another great day filled with coaching business success strategies! Here are my top 4 big ideas from today:

  1. There are three strategies recruiters can use to go from commodity to trusted advisor. One is to use email more effectively when sending candidates. Commodity-based recruiters will send 27 candidates in bullet form to their clients with a sentence or two to describe each one. The better way is to send clients one star candidate with 2 or 3 short paragraphs about the candidate. Recruiters who do this move from being seen as a commodity to being seen as a trusted advisor. (Mike Gionta)
  2. Time-concept negotiations puts the recruiter in an ideal situation. For example, if a client has been through many interviews and they ask for a lower fee, you’ll be in a good position to refuse the discount. Why? Because the client doesn’t have an alternative. (Neil Lebovits)
  3. The best negotiation tactic is to ask a question or state your fee, then stay silent. The client will become uncomfortable with the silence and then, speak first. The silence is uncomfortable, but the person who stays quiet is in control. (Neil Lebovits)
  4. Recruiting firm owners need to uncover the motive of their hires. Some get into recruiting because they want to help people, or they want to find people jobs. It’s more than this. Great recruiters must have a strong combination of customer service and business development skills. Without these, a great hire will become a bad hire. (Mike Lejeune)

And this is just a FRACTION of what participants learned on the last day of the virtual summit. If you missed any of the sessions, you can get access to the recordings of all 12 sessions.

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