What an amazing day filled with ideas and concepts that many attendees will put into action over the next 30-90 days!

Here are the top 4 takeaways from Day 3 the 2016 Recruiting Firm Owner Summit:

  1. Recruiters need to go from being busy to being in business. Recruiters stay busy when they’re operating on someone else’s agenda. Recruiters need to have an agenda of their own. If you’re deciding what you’ll work on as the day goes on, this is a recipe for disaster. (Mike Gionta)
  2. Quitting is the same as losing. Quitting frees up a recruiters time to be exceptional at something – or with someone – else. This is why it’s important to have a plan on how long you’ll work with a dead horse candidate or dead horse client. (Bob Marshall)
  3. There are nine ways to spot a dead horse candidate. A resume that’s feature oriented, a candidate who won’t return calls and one who is reluctant to tell you who they have already interviewed with are just three of the nine things you can use to spot a dead horse candidate. (Bob Marshall)
  4. Sourcing requires creativity and “thinking on your feet” so you ask the right qualifying questions. For example, do not give people an opportunity to say “yes” or “no” to your questions. For example, instead of asking “Is his title Director of Marketing?” ask instead “What is his title please?” This allows the person the space to give a lengthier answer and may give more information than you asked. (Conni LaDouceur)

The last day of the 2016 Recruiting Firm Owner Summit presents:

  • 1:00pm – “Strategies that Work to Get Highly Responsive Clients: More Strategies on Turning Suspects into Prospects and Prospects Into Clients!” with Mike Gionta
  • 2:15pm – “The Psychology of Killer Negotiations” with Neil Lebovits
  • 3:30pm – “The Secrets to Hiring Right” with Mike Lejeune

Register your free seat at http://www.therecruitingfirmownersummit.com. You can listen to these three sessions FREE as they air live. Once you secure your free seat, you’ll find out how you can get the recordings of the sessions you missed.