Do you have a business by design or default?

Most solo recruiters and firm owners came into this profession by accident. Let’s face it, no one majored in recruiting. Regardless of how you entered into recruiting, you either have a recruiting business that has been built by design or by default.

The vast majority of solo recruiters and recruiting firm owners we work with believe they have a business by design, when in fact it is by default.

In the following video, Mike shares his journey from growing a business by default to creating a business by design.

If you would like to learn how to create a recruiting business by design. A self-driving recruiting practice where you are a Preferred Partner with Predictable Revenue, join us for one of our events.

3x a year, I run a 3-day virtual intensive, sharing the 9 key areas that drive a 7-figure search firm. Click here to check out the dates of our upcoming event:


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