QUESTION: I need metrics on researchers—what should the expectations be and is it best to have them work a few jobs or just on quality people and put them in the system?Rich from Boston, MA

ANSWER: I’m going to make the distinction between researchers versus search associates. Search associates do the search, meaning they call the people, do the presentation and get the data sheet. A researcher’s job is to provide recruiters with LinkedIn profiles and contact information.

Let’s say, you are going to have a search for a sales representative in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Maybe there is not 100 candidates in your niche for that space, but maybe there is 30-40. You want the candidate’s name, phone number, email address, and as much as information the researcher can find. This can be achieved through a combination of sources that researchers use.

Expectations on a researcher, vary for many reasons. For example, sales people are a little harder to find just because their names are not plastered out as many places. I can not give you specific numbers, but if it is just name and contact information, I would want a minimum of half a dozen per hour. If it is more detailed information such as name, rank, serial number, complete profiles, and things like that where they are going a little bit deeper expect it to take more time.

I would have them work multiple jobs, but have clear expectations. I would want “X” amount of names on this search by this specific time on this date. So, by Friday at 5:00 next week, I want a list of 60 people with this specific information in this space. And, that can be a few people—multiple people.

If you choose also in addition to the research function, to put them in the role of recruiting coordinator. This means they are going to recruit for your desk. Those expectations are to talk to 15 people per day. If that is all they were doing was the search associate work, but that means they would also have the research done.

So, you would have to blend in the two into what you really want. That person might be a combo. That is probably the best way to put it.