QUESTION: What percent of owners use MPC recruiting mails in their practice?  How effective are they? – Dave

ANSWER: 12.7% . . . 36% . . . I have no idea what percentage. Dave, I am just having a little fun with you.  

For me, I do not really give a crap, excuse my French, what the rest of the industry does because what the rest of the industry does is mediocre, flawed, unprofessional, commodity-based, and wrong.  

One of the few marketing strategies I teach to my clients is using MPC emails.  I cannot say 100% of my client base does this. I do know how effective they are.  

I do not know what percent of the common sea of recruiters does, nor am I interested. I know what the common sea of recruiters does is there are about 80% that are mediocre or bad, and you guys and gals on the call obviously are part of the 20% of those that kind of get it.  

But what we find is when you send an MPC email written the right way, it gets anywhere from a 15% to a 35% response rate. When I say response rate, it is not, yes, let me talk to this person.  

If I send a well-constructed MPC email, and I will just give you kind of a couple bullet points on what that looks like, it is an opening line that leads with a big accomplishment. I say this over and over again – a big accomplishment. A big accomplishment is not strong leadership and communication skills with 15 years of experience. That is existence. Take it for granted people are going to have strong communication skills, strong leadership skills, and how do you prove that?  

If it is an engineer and they developed something – was part of a team that developed a product that came in – I do not want to say 10%, I would rather say 9%, I want to be more specific, – that came in 9% early, resulting in extra revenues of blah, blah, blah . . . to the company’s bottom line.  

If it is a salesperson – uncovered an individual who is 128% of quota over the last year with 87% new business development.  

You can have 2 or 3, not more than that, bullet points to say – In addition, this individual has blah, blah, blah.  

Close the email with a call to action such as – Looking at your calendar, Dave, what is a good time for us to discuss this person in greater detail?  

It is a specific call to action with an open-ended question.  

It is not, if you are interested . . . . This is what I have seen in emails – If you are interested, email me back or call me.  

No, I do not want to talk to you. There is a psychological thing in is, in our DNA, where people feel compelled to answer questions. So if I say –  If you are interested, call me. Well, I am not interested, so I do not have to call you.  

But if I say – Look at your calendar. What is a specific time for us to chat? Again, I am going to get 15% to 35% if I do this email right.  

The response is basically going to be – Where are they based? What do they make? Can you send over a resume?  

The whole thing is, to not get into an email engagement over these objections. The whole purpose of this email is to get them on the phone.  

When they respond to something like that and say – well, can I start with a resume?  

Your response can be – I am happy to. Right now I have no idea if this is the right fit. Real quick, I will keep you on the phone less than 3 minutes. Are you available later today to chat? We can go over this individual’s background specifically.  

 It is very effective, Dave, when done the right way and consistently. 

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