Last time we tackled the first part of Gillis’ question by discussing flip marketing calls. In this post we go deeper into email marketing.

QUESTION: I am successful in obtaining retainers and am working on good terms with existing clients.  What I need to do more of is generate introductory meetings with new potential clients.  I have had some success with a broad email marketing approach, but wondered if there was something more specific that I could be doing.  Gillis, UK

ANSWER: Another means of generating more introductory meetings with potential clients, if you are not doing it already, is emailing content to the list of prospects so that you stay in touch with them between phone calls, and it is articles written on leadership, management, the demographics of the workforce, how to run meetings more effectively, how to attract talent more effectively.

Whenever I coach on this, I always get emails after that go, why would we teach our hiring managers our techniques in interviewing and attracting talent?  Because they will not do them.  Trust me.  I do a ton of free teleseminars, and I teach a lot of what I teach my clients except that I do not do it in a sequence that is like module 1, module 2, module 3, module 4, and there is no coaching in my free stuff.  But the more you give away for free, the more attractive you are because what it tells somebody when you are doing content on leadership, management, hiring, and attracting is, wow, this person sounds like they know what they are doing.

The next comment I hear when teaching this is, “I do not have the time to write that”, nor should you write it., is a great source for writers.  You can give them topics and headlines to research and that you can put out with them as the ghostwriter, but you as the published author, and then you can repurpose that into blog posts so that once it is published in email, now it is an attraction tool when it is done with your web person the right way for SEO for search engine optimization with the keywords for your niche so that people can find you.  Then you can have an administrator or maybe even the author of the articles create an account for you in Constant Contact or MailChimp or something like that and publish the articles to your list.

The flip marketing you should do because that requires your expertise.  The content marketing as a way to generate warm leads should be done by 1 or 2 other people that you outsource it to and it is no where near a full time job.  We have a service that we provide and so if you are interested in learning more about that, just send us a note.  But I have taught a lot of clients who have actually taken the time to do it with other people that are doing it really, really well on their own.

So those are the steps.  Find an author.  Give them topics.  Have them write about the topics.  You want to send out probably 3 a month or so, maybe even 4 a month.  One a month is not enough.  A lot of people go, oh 3 or 4 a month is too much.  The problem is if you send 1 a month it is going to be opened by about 15% or 18% of your subscriber base, meaning they will only see really one of your articles and read one of your articles every 4 or 5 months statistically.  I have done a ton of research on email and content marketing.  Trust me.  About 3 a month or 4 a month is the right number.

So those are 2 areas specifically you can use to generate incoming meetings, and in those emails you can have a trigger.  What we do for some of our client is we put a star candidate in there.  Hey, email us back to learn more about this individual, and then we use that as a trigger into getting them to talk more about what their needs are.  The other thing you can do in those emails is offer a hiring efficiency consultation, not talk to me about filling your job consultation.  Or you can give them advice on how to tweak their own hiring program and then switch that at the end of the call and say, well it sounds like you have had challenges with this.  We can do it for you.  But you want to go in with the attitude of helping them first, not getting from them first.  That is the main thing in all these introductory meetings that you asked about.  Great question.  I appreciate you submitting it.