Coach Mike… HELP!!!

Volume question: As a one-woman shop, I think I may have set my weekly targets too high. I have been pushing for 25 Recruit conversations  a week but I’m topping out at 15-20 because I have to spend so much time prepping resumes (every client has their own format), managing interview scheduling, etc.  I could do more volume if I had a virtual assistant. Have any solo operators out there gone the virtual assistant route.  What advice can you give me on this?  Patti C, VA

Hi Patti! Thanks for the great question!  There are two big challenges I see most solo recruiters and recruiting firm owners have in delegating.  1) They think it’s expensive and 2) They think no one can do “it” (whatever need delegating) better than them.

The BIG challenge with ANY delegation is the false belief that “I do it better and more efficiently than anyone else” Prepping these resumes is at best a $15-20 an hour activity. Each Recruit conversation is worth about $200. Get 1 more RP in that hour you are prepping resumes and doing other $10-$15 an hour activity now yields you a 10x ROI. During the training phase you will spend some duplicate time in walking them through your process.  Make sure you inspect their work tightly in the first few delegations. You will be blown away how quickly they come up to speed and you will kick yourself for not doing this earlier!