QUESTION: Are there any new sources, websites, or technology you have experienced or heard good things about you can recommend? – Ray

ANSWER: That is way too broad. There are all these kinds of little hacks. New technology, most recruiters are not using old technology. On many recruiter’s websites, I notice that they only have three pages, Clients, Candidates, and Contact us. And these pages do not give any real information or have not been updated in years.

My question to you, are you integrating different types of marketing in your recruiting practice right now? For example, the best thing I think people can do in recruiting is implement a marketing program where you deliver content. I am not saying that because we do that for clients.  Many of our clients do it on their own, utilizing authors and administrators through Upwork. This type of marketing increases your visibility. One of the reasons it is still effective is because recruiters do not do it.  

Do you have an opt-in page on your website using an autoresponder technology? Meaning if I go to your website, there will be somewhere on the home page where I can sign for a copy of a free report. Let us say you are in the widget industry, your special report may be the 6 Biggest Mistakes People Make Hiring Mechanical Engineers in the Widget Space and How to Avoid Them Forever. Everyone has seen something like this on sites. 

Be careful with the wording. Sign up for my newsletter seems to be most common, but you are not going to get many people to sign up for a newsletter. Instead, write a 1 or 2 page white paper. If you do not want to write a 1 or 2 page white paper, hire somebody to interview you and transcribe it. You can the transcription done for probably $30 and you can have an editor format it for another $40 into something that looks professional. All this can be done through Upwork.  You can look for and interviewer and editor. 

When complete, ask your web person to tie an autoresponder email service to deliver the content. Meaning if I go to your site and I put in as my email address, the software sends it automatically.  You do not have to sit there and monitor it to make sure it goes out, but now I have captured an email address. If I go to that company’s url and I have their name, I can follow up with them next week.  

Hi Ray, I noticed you signed up for our free special report. I appreciate your feedback on it. When you looked at the special report, of the 6 challenges, which one are you confronted most within your organization?  

Now you begin the relationship and maybe you will get a search. Then what happens is once you capture that, you want to have a followup system to send content to them 2 or 3 times a month. We do it for over 60 companies now in recruiting, and they get called searches. So if you want to have that conversation send us a note. I am not trying to sell anything, but people are looking for all of this advanced stuff and they are not doing the basic stuff.  

Most recruiters have no marketing program other than their telephone and their LinkedIn in-mail. But if you are intrigued with content marketing, send us a note.  We will have somebody reach out to you. Again, you do not have to use us.  You can go to Upwork to outsource an author and give them topics like interviewing, hiring, leadership, management, and time management. That is the type of content they will find very, very interesting. I hope that helps. Great question.