QUESTION: What is the best way to manage traffic that comes to your website when you increase your social media presence? – Pete

ANSWER: What a great headache to have.  Here is the biggest problem I see with people when they start getting active on social media.  It uncovered a flaw in our process with our clients that we have the “done for you” programs with.  We are sending all this traffic to their website.  They are getting names and emails, and they are not following up with them.  They are going, well, you know, I am not getting any searches from my stuff.  I am like, you are getting names.  You have to call them.  

Managing traffic on your recruiting firm website

If you have people coming to you from social media, one of the things you can provide them – and I know Pete is doing this – is what we call a lead magnet.  So they come to your website.  In 2019 no one is going to – very few people I should say, not no one – is going to leave a name and an email address for “Join Our Newsletter” or “Get Our Newsletter.”  You have to really sell free to get emails, just because of all the emails people get.  

For example, my website, says hey, here is a free video training for an hour, 4 parts.  Send me your name and email.  That is an hour video.  I sold similar content like that for a couple hundred bucks.  So there is perceived value because it is video, it is training.  Until the very last module, it is completely pitch-free of anything.

We have people that sign up for that stuff.  Once we get that person, we honor our commitment and we send them the videos.  Then, we put them on a nurture list and we send articles.  They attend the free teleseminars, probably like a lot of you did.  Some of these people become clients.

The easiest thing in your scenario is to give away a free special report such as a salary survey. This special report is automatically delivered upon request via email.  Now they have entered into your site, you have captured that lead, the name and the email address.  If they request that on a Tuesday, you can send off a quick follow up email on Thursday.  That email could say:  

Hey Pete, I saw that you got our free report on the 6 biggest mistakes companies make in hiring in the widget industry.  When you read that, what is the biggest challenge you face?  

From there, you can enter a conversation by picking up the phone, and talking to them about what challenges they are going to have.  The whole thing with social media, you do get people who will send you a note and say, hey, I really need help filling this XYZ position, but a lot of times people that find me on my website become clients 2 and 3 years later.  They are nurtured.  We are building trust with them over time.  You have the ongoing articles that are emailed to your prospects, current, and former clients to continue the nurturing process.  

Part of it is initially if they came to your website, maybe they needed help right away.  How did they find you anyway?  You do want to follow up with them within days of them requesting whatever you are giving away for free via email or a phone call, or both.  Then put them on a long-term nurture list.  Make sure they get on your list of articles so that you stay in touch with them, and you demonstrate yourself as a subject matter expert.  That is the best advice I can give you along those lines. 

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash