QUESTION: I am terrible at consistently using my CRM/ATS system. I have notices on pieces of paper and key phone calls in my calendar. I struggle with finding a CRM/ATS that is simple to use and has the right amount of detail. Any suggestions on what to look for and how to get in the habit of using it consistently to plan daily activities? – Colleen

ANSWER: I like PCR by Main Sequence Technologies. You get special pricing if you click here.  None of them are super simple, but this one is one of the simplest and specifically designed. It has been around for almost 20 years and have got fantastic customer service. 

Most recruiters utilize about 10% of the CRM’s capability. Instead of getting all hung up using 100% or even 50% of its capability, you want a nice, organized system for capturing your data. 

I am going to date myself. When I got into this business computerization was brand new, and I was working my first year or two was off of 3 x 5 cards, datasheets, files, and staples resumes. When you do not use an ATS, you are losing out on potential placements. You do not have the ability to search within these zip codes, area codes, counties, and find people that I have resumes on with this skill set and 15 people pop up on matching assignments. The ability to do the types of searches might be a $20,000 fee for an investment of $100 a month for a CRM.  

The easy way to input data into your ATS is to hire somebody to enter it for you. Capture the information while on the phone on a data sheet by either hand writing it or typing directly onto a template on your computer. Then you can either scan or take pictures of your sheets and send it off to a virtual admin to do the data entry for you.  

No matter what company you hire for an ATS, Big Biller and Bullhorn are a good ones out there, I just find they are a 100-pound gorilla. I have not heard a lot of good things about their customer service. Again, I am just passing on what I have heard. I do not get paid by any of these people.  

I know PCR by Main Sequence has great customer service. I used it in my firm, and my clients tell me they love it. They have a great training on how to do it, so you can ask them all these questions.   

A really good question.