QUESTION: Mike, what is working right now in getting new clients? – Susan, Charlotte, NC

ANSWER: Great question. The old stuff is still working, such as MPC email marketing and flip marketing, but one really great technique is one I learned from a friend of mine, Angelique Rewers, who gave me permission to teach it to our company. Angelique is the CEO of a company called The Corporate Agent. She teaches small business people how to sell consulting or whatever services into the corporate marketplace.  Recruiters are selling it to the corporate marketplace.  

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

This technique involves hosting executive round tables and power lunches and is really working well with our clients that doing it. An executive round table brings together a group of eight to 10 hiring managers in your niche via Zoom. You pick a topic and all you need to do is facilitate the conversation. You do not have to teach anything, but you can share three or five minutes on talent attraction strategies or candidate concerns to be aware such as fear, doubt, and worry in today’s climate.  

If you choose to present tips or strategies, frame it by saying “If I am the recruiting running this search, here are three or four things you can do as you start recruiting talent in your marketplace because you have to be really wary about their caution to make a move right now”.  

Some great topics include strategies to go back to work, how to incorporate the safety aspect with ramping production back up, or how to retain your company culture within a new work dynamic. From there go around the room and ask each attendee to share for five minutes. You let them know the topic in advance so they have time to think about what to share. Once the person is done sharing you give the group two or three minutes to ask questions. Keep each presentation to five to 10 minutes each so the roundtable does not go any longer than an hour and 15 minutes. Once everyone has shared, you wrap it up. 

Clients have told me they sent out 30 invitations, hoping to get 10 confirmed attendees, and they had 25 people say they wanted to be part of it. When that happens, break those into two or three groups because you are not going to effectively have a round table with more than 10 people in it. You want to create an intimate feel and allow everyone to have a chance to talk.  

You might ask how you are going to generate job orders from this strategy. The roundtable itself will not directly generate job orders. However, you are establishing yourself as a thought leader, as a connector in your niche. It is in the follow up when you call each attendee and ask for their feedback that will begin the process of potentially getting a search from those that have openings.

A second technique is a power lunch or breakfast. We have had a number of clients do these too with great success. This strategy is different from a roundtable because this is where you teach a topic for 15 to 20 minutes. The topics could be along the same lines as the roundtable, but you do the talking and then open it up for Q&A. This type of event is about 45 minutes long and done via Zoom. As with the roundtable, you would do the same follow up.  

Just know from our experience, we have had a number of clients do these and the response has been overwhelming in that, one, the hiring managers wanted to attend, and two, they were so glad they attended that they asked to attend again.  

Those are two unique strategies that no one in the marketplace is doing unless they are clients in one of our coaching programs.  

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