QUESTION: Hey Mike.  I am a new recruiter and I am looking to start outsourcing my daily call list generation on Upwork.  Having already paid a substantial amount for an annual Zoom info account, what are your recommendations on how to maximize the results and increase the efficiency without potentially compromising personal and financial information.  I would have to pay to add a user on Zoom.  – Lisa

ANSWER: I was going to say have a researcher leverage that and I am not sure what the relationship, what the Zoom info exact lettering of the contract is, but if it were me I would not use that service anymore.  I would have my researcher use it because I do not need to go into Zoom info because I am not a researcher.  So we are really going to have one user, and it is going to be my researcher.

You want to make sure that there are no trip wires associated with very large downloads of information. I have heard some feedback from other clients that this can occur.  It might be cost effective if you are using it to add a second user account.  You may want to have a conversation with Zoom info and explain that you are going to vet some researchers.  That is purpose of the second account, so I may have one researcher using it for a few days or weeks and then I am going to cancel that user account and create another one.  I do not want to have to invest in 10 user accounts since only one would be active at a time.

When hiring researchers, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your recruiter prince or princess.  I would strongly recommend you have a very defined process to vet them.  The easiest thing to do with a contractor is hire three or four at once.  Put $50 out there for each one of them and give them a small sample project and see what they come up with.  Two of them are probably are not going to be good at the beginning, so you are out $50 each, which is a small investment.  One might be good.  One might be close.  I have had some of my clients have to go through ten researchers to find a great one.  The beauty is it is not like hiring recruiters.  This is a relatively fast process.  You want to go through a bunch to find somebody that clicks.  The only coaching I would give you here is do not look for Mr. or Ms. Perfect out of the gate.  If somebody is getting you close to the data you want, I have found with coaching them, they will be get better.  By coaching I mean telling them in this list of 75 names, phone numbers, email addresses that you send me these 30 were perfect and here is why they were perfect, these 20 were close and here is why they were close, and these 25 were way off and here is why they are way off.  Go get more like the 30 and I will even work with people that are in that 20.  You kind work back and forth.  Here are their competitors.  Here is what their titles are.  You are not competing with your researcher.  The more data you give them, the better.

So I am not sure if that is your question.  I do not want to get into how to work with contractual issues with another outside supplier when I do not know the agreement.  I think a lot of times what I found is if I call one of these companies and told them what my true intent is, you might be able to say, really, my goal is that I do not do anything on Zoom info.  I want my researchers doing it.  Can I just do it under my current investment because that is my intent.