In my last post I wrote about how recruiters tend to make more statements than asking GREAT questions.  This leads to us getting quoting the same weak fees and given the same weak terms!

So how do we change this?  Here’s what I’ve become really clear on as a Recruiter’s performance coach.  ANY change causes discomfort. 

Discomfort causes resistance.  

Resistance causes procrastination… or “This makes sense, I’ll jump on it tomorrow!” and that becomes the next day.  

… and the next day never comes.  It’s a vicious cycle because you probably recognize that you are allowing (not a misprint you ARE allowing) your clients to treat you like second rate citizens.

So if you’ve read this far, maybe you are willing to take the time it takes to become more consultative in your approach. If you’re willing to do the work, here’s where to start.

Look at ALL the questions you ask both clients and candidates.  Are they variations of the old and “tired” ones mentioned above?

Need some help?  Here’s one of my favorite questions to open the Job Order/Search Assignment diagnosis:  “Mr/Ms Hiring Manager, Imagine you have hired this person.  Imagine walking down the hall at your company a year from now with that person about to give them their annual review.  You’re incredibly proud of their performance.  You’re thinking they have had and OUTSTANDING first year at your firm.  Tell me what EXACTLY did they accomplish?”

You see that question causes one to ‘imagine’ and paint a picture in their minds’ eye of excellence.  What you are going to hear is a story about that from their perspective.  It will be three dimensional and inspiring to you!

Also, they will tell you that is one of the best questions they were ever asked!

What tired question does that replace?  “What are the duties and responsibilities for this position?”

Tell me, which “question” gets the exclusive and the higher fee?

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