Retainers for Recruiters


I can’t believe the incredible team that surrounds me…

If you’re like me, you love being around great people, and you’ve made a great move just by being here.

And because you’re reading this, I want to make sure we take care of you.


But before I do, let me ask you a question…

Are You Looking to Be a Trusted Adviser to Your Clients Where They Rely on You and Your Expertise to Fill MULTIPLE Positions Per Year on an Exclusive Retained Basis?

Here’s literally how I created clients that produced between $100,000 and $863,000 PER YEAR in placement revenue!

I made a simple decision…

I was no longer going to waste days, weeks, and MONTHS searching on positions where finicky clients:

  • wouldn’t return my calls
  • wouldn’t give me feedback
  • might hire from other recruiters
  • hire internally...
  • or even CANCEL the position!

Sound familiar?

…So after years of having “skinny kids” and lousy annual fee revenues, I discovered a way to get fewer clients who paid a LOT more and REALLY wanted to work with me exclusively!

Read on to find out how I was able to do this…

I mean, I can seriously relate to what you’re probably going through. And you’re probably tired of:

  • Getting directed to HR, client resume portals?
  • Sick of clients telling you they need someone “ASAP”, and never hearing from them again?
  • Seeing little or no results?
  • Your calls going unanswered?

It doesn’t matter if you’re GREAT at filling positions… for some reason the prospect:

just…doesn’t…get it!


They think using multiple recruiters actually INCREASES the likelihood of them finding the best candidate on the market.

And as it gets HARDER to find talent, clients are asking you to cut fees, increase guarantees, and not “talk to the hiring manager”.

You’re likely feeling the squeeze.

And you’re not alone…

The Fact is ONLY 18% of Contingency Searches Are Getting Filled!

And the unfortunate part is it doesn’t matter how hard you dig for candidates, how much you invest in research, screening, assessing, and coaching your candidates…

82% of the time YOU’RE WORKING FOR FREE!

You’re providing a valuable service, investing hundreds of hours each year as a “VOLUNTEER!”

What’s even worse, your clients save all the resumes you send as part of their “database” and can LEGALLY hire them months later and NOT owe you a penny!

Here’s the sad truth…

We as recruiters unwittingly created this problem. We actually agreed to these terms. We agreed to work through HR and the Internal Recruiter that had no respect for our role in the process. Then HR has the NERVE to blame us if the candidate turns down the offer when they RARELY, IF EVER communicated with us in the process!!

It’s not your fault. It’s how we were taught…

Most of us were never taught the right way on how to engineer a process that the CLIENT clearly understood would be in their best interest.

I mean, how can you develop clients that seek you out to fill over $100,000 in searches per year? … Exclusively… with money upfront?

Is there some kind of system or hack that will get clients and decision-making Hiring Managers to engage with you throughout the process….

…and do so MULTIPLE times per year?


The Ultimate Client-Getting Sales System to Find Clients Willing to Pay YOU $100,000 ++ Annually in Search Fees!

Through Retainers for Recruiters: The Art & Science of Landing Retainers and $100K+ Clients

we’ll tackle:

  • How to identify the types of companies that will use you multiple times per year
  • The eight stages of the buying process companies use to evaluate their top tier service providers and HOW it applies to recruiters
  • How to NAVIGATE all 8 stages (miss one and it all unravels!)
  • The BEST Selling Style (it’s a learned skill) for getting SIX FIGURE Clients
  • How to identify all those involved in the decision making process, their agendas, and how to sell to each
  • How to work with Human Resources… (Hint: You WILL NOT get a six figure client WITHOUT HR’s active involvement… here’s how)
  • How to get through to all those involved and get them to call you back!
  • The exact questions you need to ask, as well has how to respond to land these opportunities…
  • The secret deep dive diagnostic process to uncover the real reasons they need to fill positions quickly (i.e. have you ever been told “ASAP”?) …this process uncovers the REAL pain of an open position(s)…
  • How to make the presentation to win a large contract… Have you ever said “We are pleased to present….”? So does EVERYONE ELSE! STOP!! Here’s what to say instead…
  • What kind of language and approach sets you up as the only viable option in the end
  • What to do AFTER you win the project and close your first few deals. It’s not enough to “check in” with them…Here’s exactly how to retain them forever...
  • And So Much More…

Now personally, I wouldn’t attempt something like this without having a proven, step-bystep guide to follow, and this is especially true if you’re trying to land a client with multiple openings for the first time. I have already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t)

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow processes and templates so everyone can duplicate these results across all our clients and with their recruiters.

When you grab your copy of Retainers for Recruiters: The Art & Science of Landing Retainers and $100K+ Clients, you’ll:

  • Get LOYAL Clients Who Call you with multiple searches per year (by executing on something you’re currently not doing)
  • Get the step-by-step process (don’t reinvent the wheel!)
  • Stop wasting time on clients who DON’T get back to you
  • Turn Job Orders into Searches and searches into repeat clients
  • Go from “Annoying Vendor” status to “Trusted Adviser” status

But don’t take our word for it.

Check out these comments from people who have taken my trainings:


Began Getting Money Upfront!

“Once I implemented the RecruiterU Process, I began getting money upfront from both new AND existing clients. Fast forward to now, and my business is almost ALL completely retained due to this system!

~ Minda Hannenberg, Informative People, Las Vegas, NV


An Extra $49K In Revenue Alone…

“Our firm has received a huge return on investment from working with Mike Gionta and We now know how to get money upfront AND get long term clients! One technique he taught us has helped us realize an additional $49,000 in revenue alone! I am about to finish my best year ever thanks to my work with Mike!”

~ Mike Seminerio, SC International, Essex, NJ


The Secret To Getting Retainers…

“I couldn’t believe how simple it was… I kept thinking that I’d misheard the client when she said those magic words ‘we would like to retain you and work with you on this project’. The techniques and tools that Mike puts at your disposal is literally like flexing a new muscle you never knew you had. If you want to learn the secret to getting clients to pay retainers, listen to Mike at the RecruiterU. Trust me, it works!

~ Gerard Quinlivan – Director, Campbell Rochford, Dublin, Ireland


Today’s Best Proven Strategies!

“Meaningful, rewarding search business is the outcome of the program. Mike can easily diagnose the strengths and weaknesses in your approach and get you on a true shift to today’s best proven strategies. If you want to get moving confidently to best practices, then call Mike for an exploratory conversation!”

~ Bill Irwin, Gainesville, FL