QUESTION: Also, I have been looking to utilizing short videos since I have been reading that people are more responsive to video than emails these days. Have you heard of others doing this and what the results have been?  – Conrad, Walpole, MA

ANSWER: Video is so much more productive. I do not use it nearly enough and that is a sin of mine. 

One to two minute videos on your technique that you can easily upload to YouTube channel for free are a great way to elevate your status as a trusted advisor. You can have links to your YouTube channel or latest video in your email. 

For candidate prep, you can record a five minute interview preparation video and even include some PowerPoint slides. Many people worry about needing to edit the video. Even unedited, video is still very effective. The five to seven minute video can be sent to the candidate as part of your preps and debriefs.  

Video has a celebrity making effect.  Studies have been done with people that are in YouTube videos, especially if they publishing over and over again. Once you are on video it raises your stature. It is more effective than audio from a standpoint of relationship building.  

Use video to educate rather than sell yourself. If you are going to do video, plan out a tip series, interviewing tips, and each tip could be its own link. Have people subscribe to it through your website which will allow you to capture leads. A comprehensive marketing program where people opt into your website, and a video series is one of the ways to engage them through an autoresponder where once they enroll every 3 or 4 days they might get a quick video clip over the next 30 to 60 days, an instant relationship builder. Great question.