QUESTION:  What is your motivation to continue going forward in a positive way in the time of 24/7 news cycles concerning the virus, political unrest, and the election results? – Alan, TX

ANSWER: I love this question. Some of you may have been on a free webinar I did in April that addressed this exact issue as we were navigating the early days of the pandemic shutdown. While we are more than six months from that recording, the message is applicable during any crisis. If you were not, and you want access to that, just put Mike’s webinar on April 1, 2020, in an email to and we will get that off to you.   

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash

A friend of mine, Todd Herman an exceptional business coach and entrepreneur, wrote New York Times bestseller Alter Ego Effect and has a coaching program, The 90-Day Year. In March he got sick with corona. He was not deathly ill but was quite ill for several weeks. During his convalescence, he conducted an informal study with his C-level contacts. This study revealed that these executives fell into three categories.  

These categories are fear-focused leaders, unfocused leaders, and strategy-focused leaders. 

What he found was fear-focused leaders had seven or eight times more self-imposed exposure to media. These leaders were watching news events eight times longer than the strategy-focused leader. These leaders were also more likely to use crisis language, such as Coronavirus, 13 times more in their conversation than the strategy-focused leader. The strategy-focused leader was much more aware of what was going on in the world outside of the virus and political unrest here in the US than the fear-focused or unfocused leader. 

Why do I say that? You get to choose what you focus on.  

One of the things we continue to discuss with our clients is what you can and cannot control. You cannot control the effects of the pandemic or political unrest. You can control the size of the call list you build. You can control the number of dial attempts and the number of conversations you have every day.  

The way you stay motivated, is to ask yourself is:  What needs to be true for me to be really happy with the month of November? What has to be true both personally and professionally for me say on November 30th, “you know what, that was a good month”?  

Write your answers to these questions as if it is done. It’s the end of November and I am really happy because . . . Here are some things I did on the weekend with my family. Here is what I billed. Here are how many new clients I got. Here are how many first time interviews I arranged.  I am really happy this month because I set myself up for a great following month for these reasons.  

From here, reverse engineer what needs to happen for these statements to be a reality. The way you stay motivated in a market like this is your focus on the outcomes you are seeking, and then you take total control and responsibility for that. No one can prevent you from picking up the phone or sending out email blasts. All that is within your control.  

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