QUESTION: After going through a prospecting flip call, I have had a great dialog, got good information, asked what you to do to earn the right to do business with them. They tell you they do not have a need right now. What are some ways to end the call?  – Tom

ANSWER: You are asking the right question – What do I have to do to earn the right to do business with you? Hopefully he or she gave you a few things. What I usually do at this point is summarize the conversation like this:  

So if I heard you correctly, Tom (if you were the hiring manager), you would love to hear about industry insights, what is going on with my competitors, and any impressions of your organization that I hear while I am recruiting other people.  Right?  


Is there anything else you can think of that would really hasten and further our relationship down the road to a point where you could really trust me and again where I could earn the right to your business?  

No, Mike, if you could get me some of that stuff again. I do not have anything right now.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  

Again, I summarize it and might ask another question.  

I come across fantastic talent in the area of accounting (if that is it and fill in the blank under what their locus of control is). When the words “excellent accountant” what comes up for you as 2 or 3 bullet points? 

They will give you a few. Then I summarize it back to them.

So if I heard you correctly, bullet point A, bullet point B, bullet point C.  

Yes, yes.  

Would it be of value, in addition to the things you have mentioned, would it be of value as I run across people like this to with your personal definition of excellence, to keep you aware of those? Would that be helpful for you?  

95% to 98% of the time you are going to hear yes, which gives you another avenue, by the way. You want to make sure that if you going to send in a candidate, they meet those bullet points. 

You have a few ways to follow up with this hiring managers, through great candidates, through insights. You can email them great information and content.  

If you doing recruiting for somebody similar to the type of person they hire, I might say, “By the way, Mr. or Ms. Candidate, what do you know about XYZ Company?  What is your impression of them?”  I would do this as an informal survey.

Then I can call or email the hiring manager, and refresh their memory on our earlier conversation.  

You told me to keep you aware of what the impression of you in the marketplace is. Over the last few weeks I have made it a point to have over a dozen conversations just to find out the perceptions of your company in the marketplace and I found some really interesting insights. What is a good time for us to talk about that?  

Again, he or she might not have an opening again, but see how I am staying in touch.  I am a valuable source of information for them.  

I always want to have the next step.  I want to have ways to follow up with that person.  Great question.  Thank you.