Summit Attendees Share Their Reaction to the 2016 Recruiting Firm Owner Summit (Day 2)

Another great day filled with recruiting success strategies! Here’s what attendees had to say about the sessions from Day 2.

On Danny Cahill’s session Slumping in a Hot Market: What’s Wrong With Me? A How-to-Fix-Yourself Session

“Many search firm owners, like myself, have never had to manage senior recruiters. It’s easier to manage newbie recruiters, but once they’re successful, it becomes tricky. I probably could have retained more senior recruiters had I heard Danny’s session first.” — Vincent Scaramuzzo, President, Ed Exec

On Greg Doersching’s session Dealing With HR: Is It the Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven? What You Do As a Recruiter Determines Which One! (Part 2)

“Greg Doersching gave a no-holds-barred, practical (call it nuts and bolts, if will), systematic, step by step guidelines and examples on how to effectively manage relationship with HR professionals that gains their respect and cooperation as trusted advisor! Greg is a great teacher. You’ll need to be a dunce not understand him.” — Law Nnaji, CEO, Workforce Solutions Point

“I particularly found the process Greg Doersching follows in taking the job order and the presentation of candidates very helpful. I would consider it best practice and he helped demonstrate how to put it into practice and reinforce why it’s so important to do.” — Mark Bruce, Alimar Consulting (UK)

Day 3 of the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit presents the following sessions:

  • 1:00pm Eastern – A Business Model That Explodes Billings by Giving You MORE Time, Better Production From Your Recruiters by Getting More Clients, & Greater Control of the Process…. Without Working Longer Hours and Weekends (Mike Gionta)
  • 2:15pm Eastern – The Opportunity Cost in Not Quitting the Dead Horse Projects (Bob Marshall)
  • 3:30pm Eastern – The Art of the Call: Recruit Like the FBI, the Original Social Engineers (Conni LaDouceur)

Visit to register your free spot. You’ll also discover how you can get access to the recordings of the sessions you missed.