QUESTION: Recently I heard a recruiter that is using Facebook to make placements and finding candidates.  I used to use Facebook years back.  However, now I am concerned about privacy issues if I use Facebook to find candidates.  Do you recommend creating a new profile for the business, but then lose your built network or is there a way of protecting your inner circle and family in terms of exposure? – Alberto

ANSWER: What are you so worried about protecting your friends and family from positions you are posting?  Maybe you do not want to overwhelm them.  There are company pages for this reason.  If you look up TheRecruiterU we have a company page with several hundred followers.  On there we post some motivational stuff, make people aware of teleseminars, and share content that our followers might benefit from.

The nice thing about Facebook too, is Facebook Live.  If you have a pretty good following you can do free training on how to interview or whatever and then you can say, hey, by the way, we have got some new exciting roles in these metropolitan areas.  If you want to hear more about it, just ask us to call you and put a number here at the bottom of the thing.  Facebook Live, is a great way te engage your followers.

In social media, by the way, one thing you cannot just do, I see people with Twitter accounts do this, I have seen recruiters with Facebook company pages do this, and I see this sometimes on their LinkedIn page – the only information they put out there is I need a ___.  I need a mechanical engineer.  I need an opening for an outstanding salesperson.  If you are going to do any of these things in social media, for every time you post an opening you probably need 6 or 7 posts of things of content or information that is going to add value to them so they want to read your stuff.  For those of you that want to get into this, give more than you take or ask for.