Hi Coach Mike!

After a candidate “going dark” with regard to accepting a position, I received a phone call and YEAH!!! She’s going to take the opportunity I presented her on.  I am however concerned because her reason for going dark was some form of “car trouble” and personal issues.  What would you do between now and her start date?  Cecilia B

Dear Cecelia,

Cecelia congratulations!  I hope you ‘dark’ candidate is being honest with you. I had a similar situation;  it turns out the candidate had another offer (which he did not disclose to me). He decided to turn the other offer down and go with mine which caused him to ‘step into the light’… However, the other firm re-upped their offer and “Mr. On Again Off Again”  took the other job anyway. If your gut tells you there is more to it than she’s revealed… I’d monitor this one closely.  I would have the employer stay in touch with her and have her become part of the team even before she starts.  I would be in touch and ask her, conversationally, she closed out the other opportunities she was interviewing for too.

It’s also possible she was just having some cold feet in making the change. I hope she sticks. Good luck!