QUESTION: Mike, I have heard you talk about MPCs. Do you only send those candidates to companies you know that have an opening? Or do you send them blindly to everyone in the niche? – Steve, Houston, TX

ANSWER: For those that do not know that term, MPC means most placeable candidate. It is a candidate with excellent ability that is attractive in your marketplace and has a motivation to make a change. You market their background to a list of companies.   

My philosophy on targeting companies that have an opening in the moment, this is not a never or always, but for the most part, ignore those openings today. If I see an opening posted today, I wait because those openings are like ice cream that falls on a sidewalk in the summer. In the moment the ice cream falls, nothing happens, but if you come back in about an hour later, it is covered in ants. That is what that posting is with other recruiters when you market based on a fresh job posting. It puts you deeply in the commodity zone with your prospects. You are basically fishing for business off of existing openings.  

My best openings came, and to this day the is true with our clients, from companies that have nothing posted.  

What I will do is take that opening that is posted today, and put a note in my calendar to follow up 30 days from now. Maybe I will send a candidate with the right background, but I am never going to say, I saw your posting a month ago and was wondering if you filled this. That is classic commodity language.  

I know a lot of recruiters just were not trained the right way, but you want to make our recruiting practice have the look and feel of a real profession at heart. You do not want to look like an attorney handing out business cards at a funeral for somebody in a car accident, right. Marketing to a company with a fresh job posting is one of the things that diminishes our profession.  

MPC emails is a great strategy to generate marketing conversations.

When using the MPC email marketing strategy, I would send out MPC emails to hundreds of people in the space. It engages great conversations. You are not going to place your MPC all of the time or probably even most of the time. What is going to happen is you are going to engage in a lot of great conversations and take some good job orders.  

Great question. Thank you asking, Steve.

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