QUESTION:  My question is about developing ongoing communication with potential clients. I have heard some other things you have done about regular email. Can you share some details? – Doug

ANSWER: In our last blog post, I spoke extensively about regular email. Go here to check it out. Another form of email communication is through content marketing. This is where you send 300 to 500 word articles a minimum of two times, but up to four times per month on topics such as how to hire, how to onboard, how to interview effectively.  

You may think that you are giving all your secrets away. No, you are revealing that you are a subject matter expert. If you are that insecure about training your clients on how to do things the right way, that is the old school thinking of the recruiting world. I think the more quality you give out in your marketplace, the more your branded in the marketplace as a subject matter expert. You might want to put together a strategy of sending out, a couple articles a month. You can even write them as a series to make it easier.  

If you want more detail you can go here to get our 10-Steps and a copy of our ebook.

The advantage of this strategy is because we get busy, we do not get in touch with our prospects for three or four months. With content marketing, they are getting a note from you every week with an article. You can outsource writing the articles, setting them up in Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or another email provider, and sending them out. This is not something I recommend my clients do themselves. It is something that I recommend that they either outsource the whole project to or outsource to an internal administrator to manage for them.  

One of the quickest ways to write articles is to have your admin do an interview of you on different topics such as What are the 3 biggest mistakes companies make in hiring great talent in the XYZ space? Send the recording to a transcriptionist on or Rev to have it transcribed, and then you can edit the transcription easily into three or four articles that you can post. 

The main advantage is your prospects see your name and are reminded about who you are and what you do without you having to be there three or four times a month. The result we see happen with our clients that use this strategy, is occasionally they will get an email with “Can you guys help me place a ____?” It is as blunt as that. But a lot of times the more subtle thing is when they to get into a conversation with people weeks and months later is “Hey, you are the guy that writes the articles.” Yea, that guy who writes the articles and there is a little bit of a cache there, so that is the other benefit to it.