Coming March 24-27, 2015 is the 6th Annual Recruiting Firm Owner Telesummit.  Because you’re here at our website, we want want to invite you as our guest to attend absolutely FREE.  Listen to some of the recruiting industry’s top trainers including Danny Cahill, Jon Bartos, Neil Lebovits and more at the world’s largest virtual training event for recruiters!  Go HERE to get your seat for free!
Still not convinced this recruiting training event is right for you?  Keep reading!
Here are just some of the things you’ll learn attending this virtual summit:
  • The BIG Threats to Your Recruiting Business in 2015… and WHAT to do about it!
  • Strategies to Overcome Stress and Increase Recruiter Productivity (and Get TONS of More Energy!) (Patricia Conlin)
  • Key Traits of Recruiting Biggest Billers  (Danny Cahill)
  • Solo Recruiting Owners– Learn From Our Success Panel How they KILLED it in 2014 (and again now in 2015) (Mike Gionta)
  •  Using Influence To Get Recruiting Clients & Candidates to say “YES” with fewer hesitations & objections! (Rob Mosley)
  • The Secret to Hiring Game Changing Recruiters. (Mike Lejeune)
  •  Why desk “specialties” NO LONGER cut it in Today’s Market. Learn How to GO DEEPER for Better Clients! (Neil Lebovits)
  •  How to Find & Identify GREAT Recruiters… & Get Them Producing NOW!  (Mike Gionta)
  •  Effective Recruiting Email Marketing Strategies (Mike Gionta)
  • TEN KEY Differentiators Between You and $1 mm billers! (Jon Bartos)
Go HERE to get your seat for free!