I recently received an interesting question from one of my Inner Circle members, Jacob, who asked me about the effective ways to utilize the service of research companies overseas. This is a great question; many of you may be wondering about it too.

To start, I want to emphasize that none of you should be doing your own research. It’s the least effective and most expensive thing you can do. Spending two to three hours a day putting together data like names and phone numbers and looking at LinkedIn profiles is a waste of your time. There are people who can do it better for you at a fraction of the cost you’re doing it.

Now, to answer Jacob’s question, I recommend two companies on my website, therecruiteru.com/partners, called Legacy Group and Prudent. They are both great options but remember that they might be at capacity because of the many clients they’ve been referred to.

If you can’t use these companies, I recommend going to upwork.com, which is like eBay for professional services. However, you’ll have to kiss some frogs before finding your research Prince or Princess Charming, so you want to be super specific with your search. Depending on your niche, you should narrow your target companies to a geographic area, company type, and specific titles like CEO or hiring manager.

I suggest defining a niche of companies where you can recycle your efforts and knowledge, and that should be around four to five hundred companies. I also advise targeting companies with gross annual revenues between startups and 250 million because they have the least amount of HR infrastructure and the smallest talent management teams.

When you hire a researcher, provide them with specific instructions, including the revenue size, geographic boundaries, and specific titles you’re looking for. Quality is more important than quantity, so if they give you a list of 200 people and half the list is terrible, or outside of your niche, it’s not a good target. Make sure to communicate clearly with your researcher; if you can, record a video with your instructions.

Outsourcing your research to companies overseas can be a great way to save time and money. But remember, you need to be specific in your instructions and define your niche of companies to target. I hope this helps you get started with outsourcing your research and scaling your recruitment business. Good luck!

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