I just returned from the recent GAPS (Georgia Assn of Personnel Services) Conference where I attended as one of the keynote speakers. What a great setting they had on Lake Lanier!

Danny Cahill was the other keynote speaker and the theme I picked up from all the speakers was the need to increase the intensity during these economc times. The mistake I see many recruiters make is that they are more reluctant to make marketing calls now than ever because they have “planted the seed” that no one is hiring now. What a deadly mistake!

In my own recruiting firm and in the recruiting training I am working on with my clients, the first thing we look at is activity and the focus on arranging first time interviews. Miracles happen when the bar is raised substantially on activity. It breeds job orders, which breed first time interviews, which breed, you guessed it…. PLACEMENTS!!!

Guys and Gals, you can work through this. Focus on the right activities in high quantities. A magical thing happens… you start enjoying it again. Try it and post your thoughts below!