Last fall I had a fantastic interview with recruiter, author, executive coach and big biller Carolyn Thompson and wanted to share a few quick take aways she shared in the interview that you can use RIGHT NOW to increase your productivity!

On Motivation:

When Carolyn’s recruiters or coaching clients lack motivation the first place she looks at is their goals. Do they have any? Are they real? Are they forgotten?

Generally, when we’re not motivated we are NOT working toward something specific that gets us excited! We are simply drifting through the day, drifting hour to hour and recruiting call to call.

Solution: Define specific things you working toward and know when you will get them. Don’t get caught in the trap of assuming these have to be material things. What would your ideal lifestyle, community involvement, time with your kids look like if you had no limits?

Inner Circle Members last fall heard Carolyn’s goal setting philosophy in significantly more detail.

One Business Development Technique That Brought in MORE Clients:

When I asked Carolyn for the most effective technique she used this year to bring in more recruiting clients she happily shared it.

Here is her secret technique that floods her with searches: She and her team built a plan targeted at calling two former clients a day they hadn’t spoken to in at least the last two years. Some of these contacts had changed companies. some were still there. All of them were glad to hear from them!

This one technique led to dozens of new assignments, most either engaged or exclusive! This is one simple strategy any one can incorporate into their plan right now. Think about it, these will be friendly “warm” calls ideal for getting you started in the morning…. especially on those days where the phone weighs 100 pounds!

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On Getting More Client Control:

To insure you are dealing with the person who will ultimately make the hiring decision and to set the expectation of how you are going to work together ask this question while qualifying the search:

“Tell me about your level of participation in the employment process.”

The answer and your ability to negotiate the process will help you set an expectation of working directly with the hiring manager in a timely fashion.

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