QUESTION: A CEO called me directly for a search and accepted the commitment fee to initiate the first search. Successfully placed a candidate. Sent an email follow-up recap from our conversation and the completed search and asked more questions about the new, different search with a commitment fee of $2,000. They never responded to my email or text. How do I re-engage? – Lynn

ANSWER: I am just reading between the lines here, Lynn. It sounds like you have made a bunch of attempts. My favorite attempt and this gets a 90% call rate, is:

“Hi, Lynn. I am not sure what I did to offend you, and maybe I have done something unprofessional. As an individual and professional in my career, I want to grow from this experience. Because you were committed to me with that search with a $2,000 deposit, and I have not heard anything from you, I am unsure what happened. I just have to assume there is something I did or did not do that offended you. I accept the fact that you might not want to do business with me again. Could you call me back and just give me the blunt, direct feedback, and I will just take it because I need to grow as a professional.” 

Do not put that in an email. Put that in a voicemail and then follow it up with an email if they do not get back to you in 24 hours. Still, they are not communicating with you. They are procrastinating or putting you off for some reason that probably has nothing to do with the position, or maybe the position has been put on hold. 

I found that message where I take on the total burden puts them into guilt. I usually received a response: “Oh my goodness, Mike, no, it is not you! I thought I had this budgeted. We just had a situation happen in the hospital, whatever.”  

They read your point perfectly. The client will re-engage and apologize for going dark on you. This voicemail has helped my clients re-engage with hiring managers who have ghosted them and save more deals than I can count. 

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