It seems like every time we glance at our news feed, we see chatter about a possible recession or at a minimum, uncertain times. Turbulence up and down, blah, blah, blah. Is it going to happen? I have no idea. But after learning this business in a recession and then surviving and thriving for three after that, I know one thing for sure. It makes sense to be prepared.

Our clients are telling us (reflection of this uncertainty) that they’re hearing the phrase, “we’re not hiring” more often than they had been in the past couple of years. That could be a conversation-stopper.

Here is a tip that we’re sharing with our clients… They’re already reporting that integrating this into their script is moving their conversations beyond that brick wall of “we’re not hiring” and moving it into productive conversations that are, in fact, still consistently turning into great assignments worth working, with high odds of succeeding.

When we hear the words “not hiring,” our first instinct is to cringe. We hear it as a fact. We end the conversation there. We consider it an objection. At The RecruiterU, we teach three steps any time you encounter resistance: acknowledge, ask, and act.

So, when you hear someone say, “we’re not hiring,” follow these three steps.

Number one. Acknowledge.

Yeah. I hear what you’re saying.

Number two. Ask.

Given that is your current reality, all that aside, what’s the skill set? What is the most critical skill set you’ve still got to have on board so the company continues to survive and thrive? Weather the economic storm now and move into action.

Number three. Action

What is the one skill set that you need to know about so that when I come across it in other searches, I can let you know about it? You can decide at that moment if there’s value to your bottom line in moving forward.

End your conversation by obtaining permission to follow up when you encounter this specific skill set in your other searches.

Want to Go Deeper?

So, it’s three quick steps. It’s one of several tips we’ll share in an upcoming event because, frankly, now’s the time to invest in yourself and your business in this uncertainty. So, you’re building certainty in your skill set, even though the market around you is filled with uncertainty.

You can control what you invest in getting better at your job. You can’t control what’s going on around you.

We’re hosting the event next week. It’s going to lay out a clear action plan for you to create that certainty. I hope you’ll join us. It’s only $49 because we want to give it easy access to everybody.

I’ll see you there.

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