Below are some ideas you can implement right away in your recruiting business.  These recruiting strategies came from Day 2 (yesterday) of The Recruiting Firm Owner Summit.  You can still attend today and tomorrow … FREE of charge to get this fantastic recruiting training!


From the Success Panel of recruiting firm owners who grew revenue from 71% to 300%+.  Here are some things they did to grow their business:

  • Do your plan in blocks of time.  Strategize the night before on your recruiting plan and place it in a block of time and don’t let anything distract you from that commitment you have made to yourself.
  • Close email for 90 minutes at a time while “blocking” time for marketing and recruiting to avoid the distraction.
  • Outsource research for $5 to $15 an hour to liberate yourself to spend more time in conversations getting searches and great candidates.


From Danny Cahill on How to Identify GREAT Recruiters:

  •  “Good recruiters say INTO the phone what bad recruiters say AFTER they get OFF the phone!”
  • Good recruiters will call anyone, while most recruiters will email anyone.
  • Top Recruiters perform at the highest level when you give them a firm deadline.
  • Top recruiters always get agreement for the next step in any process BEFORE they get off the phone.

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From Patricia Conlin on her session on getting more energy and less stress in your recruiting day:

  • Sedentary life styles and sitting at a desk for hours at a time is the “new smoking” as it relates to your health!  Make sure you get up every 30 minutes or so and walk around with your headset.  Better yet do this and make sure you exercise.
  • Stress Management:  Positive thinking-Thinking good thoughts have a powerful effect on the body and can greatly influence the outcome of your efforts as a recruiter as well.


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