6a010536babee3970c0120a62f1c36970b Who lost the Super Bowl?  Who lost the World Series last year?  You probably don’t remember and at best can come up with the answer only by thinking about it.

Well, now that’s me!  🙁  I attended a national coaching conference in Dallas last week and I was one of 3 finalists for“Coaching Entrepreneur of the Year”.   I had a well prepared (and funny) presentation, and, well, so did the other finalists.  The competition was tough and I came in 2nd by 2 votes to an incredibly worthy individual named Kelly Thorne fromhttp://ibloom.us/.  Kelly has built a great business at a very early age and is quite an inspiration!  She truly deserved the award.

Here’s what the experience taught me.  The biggest value of the whole process was filling out the application.  It made me reflect back on my recruiting coaching practice and focus on where I have come from.  It made me focus on what I have built and the mistakes as well as the wins along the way.  It also made the “gaps” very visible as to what I needed to do to develop the business going forward.

How often do you as a recruiting firm owner refelect on where you have come from?  How often have you reflected on your mistakes, your goof ups?  My long time coach, Pat Scopelliti taught me that there is “no dishonor in failure, the only dishonor is not learning from that failure”.  This lesson has made me millions over the years.

Do you tend to blame circumstances, the economy, your health, etc for what holds you back?  There is NO learning there! There is NO personal development there!

The past is over, you can’t change it… GET OVER IT! Do, however ANALYZE it.  Ask questions like “What was it in me that brought this outcome?”, and/or “Knowing what I know now, what will I do in a similar situation next time?