If your recruiting marketing technique sounds largely like it did 2 years ago and you are frustrated with your results, well, keep reading.

First, the least effective type of marketing call to make in 2009 is the “check in”.  You know, “Hey, we haven’t spoke in a while, just checkin’ to see if you have any openings I can help you with?”  Your prospects hate these, they have the lowest return call rates and the lowest Job Order production rates.  This is a commodity based call and does nothing to differentiate you and your value.

Second, if you are marketing a candidate, you need the BENEFITS of what that candidate brings to the table justify your fee.  Make sure you quantify dollars saved and/or dollars made very specifically in your presentations.

Third, start selling “options”. 

Credit to Davis Howell in my office who came up with this.  When engaging new prospects on the phone he tells them he is in the options business.  Meaning, he gives them recruiting options.  While many companies are slashing their fee budgets, Davis challenges his prospects to review his candidates to see if what we provide could represent a 2 to 3 time return on investment to their recruiting budget for the service fee paid.

He even challenges companies to give us the search and then line up what they found on their own against what we found in our search.  By doing this, they are able to know, no matter whose pool they choose from, that they are hiring the best available person on the market.

Fourth,  dig for pain.  Ask questions like, “what happens if you hire the wrong person for this job?  How far will that set you back?”

One of my FAVORITE questions is “Are you looking for the best available person on the market OR the best available person available on the job boards?  These are probably 2 entirely different people.”

What are you doing that is working this year?  Tell us and post it below!