I have just returned from another fantastic recruiting conference hosted by the Fordyce Letter and ERE.  I was priviledged to speak there for the 2nd year in a row.  When I wasn’t speaking I put my “student” hat on and picked up some great recruiter training.

Below are just a few tips I wanted to share with you:

Here are a few nuggets from Barb Bruno:

“If I am more successful than you it is because I heard more NO’s than you.”

“There are a number of reasons salespeople fail, the number one reason is attitude by 50% of all cases.”

“Don’t allow the luxury of staying in a bad mood for more than 5 minutes.  MOVE ON!”

“Instead of reading or watching the news, invest one-half hour per day in training and self-development.  This will add up to 24 days of training after one year.”

“Get a coach, I have 3 coaches, a wealth coach, a business coach and a life coach.”

“Change is a ncecessity NOT a luxury.”

 Some great ideas from Jordan Rayboy:

“Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from from making mistakes, mistakes come from poor judgement.”

“Great recruiters do things consistently that average recruiters only do occasionally.”

“The average American loses 28% of productivity per day.  The key culprit is multitasking.”

Key points from my presentation on Hiring and Retaining Great Recruiters:

1) Most advertising for recruiters does NOT sell the position, it describes what we need.  Explain your firm’s vision in your advertising to be more attractive to great recruiters.  Mention your recruiting training and mentoring programs for added effect.

2) We are recruiters, yet we don’t recruit our own talent.  There are some very attractive places to recruit out of right now like mortgage banking, retail, high end car dealers, and brokerage to name a few.

3) The key to a successful recruiting hire is to begin setting formal and specific expectations as early as the first interview, not just the first week of employment.If, however,  you don’t want to figure this out for yourself and if you want  a “done for you” process/program that is field tested to successfully build and re-build offices.  If you want access to my 20 years experience and my secrets about building a multi-million dollar recruiting firm go to 6 Simple Steps to Hiring Success .  Download the free call at the top of the page.This process  doubles or triples your hiring success rate, guaranteed.