Great recruiting training tips from day 3 of the Recruiting Firm Owner Tele-Summit:

From Neil Lebovits Presentation:

  • The easiest way to find someone in your recruiting firm to delegate to is to identify someone who is excited about the project and looking for a challenge beyond their day to day duties.
  • People burn out when subjected to the same activities day to day.  As much as they resist change on their recruiting desk, ultimately, by you leading it they will be happier, stay longer and be more productive.

From Barb Bruno’s Presentation:

  • It takes 6 live contacts with a potential new recruiting client before they remember your name! Make those contacts count by adding value to increase your odds of getting better recruiting assignments quicker.
  • 60% of the recruiters in the industry have left since 2008.  One of the main reasons is they never measured the key recruiting metrics to see how they need to adjust their activity to survive the recession.  They had no idea how to right the ship, because they didn’t know what level of acitivity increases were needed to maintain recruiting production.

From Pasquale Scopelliti’s  Presentation:

  • Most think the concept of doubling their recruiting earnings or doubling their performance is impossible!  Everyone thought breaking the 4 minute mile barrier was impossible too. … Until Roger Bannister broke it… Once he did, MANY other followed … within months!  What was impossible for centuries was duplicated in months.
  • Identify the area of greatest resistance to your current situation.  Is it time management? Is it making cold calls/call reluctance?  Pick one area and begin focusing  on ways to improve these areas first!

Intrigued?  You can hear Neil and Pat in 2 preview calls. Get the audios here