Recruiter Training Tips directly from day 2 of The Recruiting Firm Owner Telesummit you can use now to grow your recruiting business:

From Bob Marshalls Presentation:

  • PROGNOSIS without DIAGNOSIS is recruiting malpractice! Meaning, trying to figure out what the client REALLY wants by taking a short JO or using a requirement sheet is definately not serving you, but worse, you look bad when you present the wrong people!
  •  You can identify the weaknesses in your JO’s or candidates by seeking out the blank sections of your
    JO or Candidate Data form.  No form?  you won’t be consistent!

From Doug Beabout’s Presentation:

  •  Most COMMON trait of people across ALL generations:
    The most secure and PRODUCTIVE hiring authorities hire people as strong if not STRONGER than their own abilities.  Important to identify this quality (or lack of) when taking a search.

From Successful Owners Panel:

  • As boring and unpleasant as it is, track the right recruiting metrics.  Will dictate EXACTLY what your daily activity needs to be to hit your revenue targets.

This takes “ups and downs” out of the business and creates predictable recruiting revenue.

  •  Grow your recruiting business by hiring people to develop Job order leads and candidate data sheets, only when they master these do you give more responsibilities into managing hiring process.  This increases short term production and DECREASES turnover.

Tons of great reviews from the 1st 2 days!  Curious, check out how to access the recordings of this great recruiter training