….Those That Answer the Below Questions WILL BE Highly Successful!

6a010536babee3970c0163062579e3970d OVERWHELM!! I have just invested 5 days working ON my business, NOT IN my business.

First I attended an event recently, “Love Your Life, Love Your Clients, Love Your Business” held by my coach, Kevin Nations (pictured at left) and I thought I would share a few points to help you get clear on where you want to take your recruiting business.

1) What EXACTLY do you want to make for the balance of this year?  Get real specific here.  No pie in the sky “airy fairy” numbers and hopes.  A real number!

What then has to happen, exactly, precisely, and specifically every day to INSURE this number occurs by year end?  If you have been reading me for any time, you KNOW placements are random events, daily activity is not!  (Key is you need to measure your Recruiting Metrics!)

2) What do you want to do?  What role do you want to play:

  1. At work with your recruiting clients and at work with your employees?
  2. With your family?  What is a perfect day with them? what are you doing?
  3. In your community? How are you giving back?
  4. Spiritually… how do you wish to develop?  How do you want to serve?

3) What impact do you want to have?  (see all 4 sub-bullet points above for areas you wish to impact)

These questions are INCREDIBLY powerful!  Invest some time with a notebook and pen and go deep with them.  My experience is that people that are NOT where they want to be financially, professionally and personally is that they do NOT have clear answers to these questions.  On the other hand my experience with those that are very successful is that they are pretty clear on the answers to the above questions.

The questions are simple, the answers will take some time to develop, be patient!  Answer them or don’t answer them.. You have a choice.