How many things are on your recruiter “to do” list?

How many of those items have been on that list for weeks?  Months?  Maybe years?

They are not getting done.  This means they are not important OR that you’re losing money on lost opportunities.

You’re busy!  I know.  So how do you move from paralysis on these things into action?

I had this very blunt and very direct conversation last month in Ft Myers, FL with my Peak (Solo Recruiters) and Platinum (Recruiting Firm Office Builders) Coaching clients.  The good news is they all left with a clear recruitment plan and clear steps for the next 90 day!

Peak FL 2015 Platinum room 2015 FLWhy Recruiters Procrastinate:

1)  At some level we want a “guarantee” on a result before we take action in a world that offers no such thing.

2)  Because of this we often don’t take action…and them we feel guilty for not moving forward.

3)  We feel we NEED more information so that when we take on a new project, put in a new recruiting script, use a new recruitment marketing technique, etc so that it is “perfect” when we implement it.

A Solution to Procrastination:

1)  Define what the IDEAL outcome is.  Write it out.  What would happen if you implemented or executed almost perfectly?  Define this clearly.

2)  To get there what would be the first steps you would take to start?

3)  What would it look like if you just implemented 70-80% of this in your recruiting firm?  Write this out and be as specific as possible.  Remember 70-80%, not 100%.

4)  Start and implement based on #3 above.

Now, I went into this in more detail with my recruiting coaching clients, but you have the key steps above.  You will be shocked how much will get done in the next 30 days if you simply define some of the items using the simple process I have given you above!

So, What is the first project/technique that you can use this process on now to grow your recruiting business?