6a010536babee3970c015433fcb619970c This past June I was a featured speaker at the Fordyce Forum in Las Vegas and was very fortunate to get to know industry guru, Jenifer Lambert, a bit better.

Jenifer was the Conference Chair and a featured speaker.  I always learn from her insights especially her ideas on “influence”.

I just fininished an hour interview with her, which my Inner Circle Members and clients will be getting on CD.  For some , please read below.

Here are some quick take aways on growing your revenues from Big Biller and respected recruiting industry trainer Jenifer Lambert.

Regarding Managing Client Relationships:

You must set VERY CLEAR expectations at the time you take the search.

First, Tell them what they can expect of you in conducting the search.  Be very clear about your process and what you will be doing on their behalf.

Second, ask them if it is their goal to fill the position quickly with an outstanding candidate.  Key = get them to say “YES”!

Third, explain to them exactly what you expect of them regarding arranging interviews, timeliness of follow-up, etc.  Gain their commitment to YOUR Process BEFORE you commit do doing the search!

Regarding Time Management:

The weakest billers tend to work VERY HARD on many of the wrong things.  Most weaker billers tend to let their day manage them and tend to react to the email, phone call, situation, etc of the moment.

To accomplish MORE each day invest a LITTLE time thinking, a little time planning each day and a “whole lot of DOING!”  Stop making excuses as to why you “don’t have the time”, invest a minimal amount of time each day planning your day.  Invest some time each month planning your year, quarter and weeks to get some clear direction.

Jenifer creates templates for emails she sends frequently and systematizes several processes that are recurring i.e. what happens after a placement is made — freeing up hours every week to do what she does best… get more clients!

Regarding Motivating Employees:

Use “positive peer pressure” to help hold people accountable to their goals.  Jen manages a few key metrics which she makes EACH recruiter in her office fill out each week.

Each recruiter needs to know EXACTLY what they need to do each day/week to hit their goals… How many 1st time interviews?  How many new searches? Candidates?  Have your recruiters measure these as a minimum and post the results prominently in your office for all to to see!