6a010536babee3970c0120a5cd9ce0970c Today I was priviledged to be the guest ofThe Recruiting Animal’s Blog radio show with his panel which consisted partly of Maureen Sharib, Bill Boorman, Jerry Albright, Carl Chapman and some other erudites in the recruiting industry.

If you have never listened to his show, Animal is a non-profane Howard Stern type shock jock for the recruiting industry.  I find myself laughing out loud on every show!  You can listen to his past shows on the above link or tune in on the web Wednesday’s at Noon eastern time.

We had an in-depth discussion on ways to succeed in a down economy.  You can listen or download the entire one hour showright here.  Animal asked a bunch of questions from articles in this very blog.

Here are some of the summary points that most of the panel seemed to agree with (in no particular order):

  • High and MEASURED activity is a KEY to sustained and predictable revenue in any economy.
  • Most people track the wrong data on their desk and don’t track daily presentation count.
  • The recruiting business is VERY formulaic, but to do the math you need to know the numbers and key metrics! (not just placements)
  • Great leaders get what they “inspect” not what they “expect”!
  • Most managers hang on to poor performers waaayyy to long!
  • You need to FIRE non-perfoming clients in order to get their attention and make them into potentially GREAT clients
  • You can find some great recruiters working at retail establishments.
  • Recruiters are made NOT born.  GREAT recruiters are born with a passion and drive that can’t easily be trained.

There’s a ton more… Listen to the show, you can find the archive here.  Again, you can tune in on Wednesday’s at noon ET for Animal’s interviews every week!